• APA citation basics

    When using APA format, follow the author-date method of in-text citation. This means that the author's last name and the year of publication for the source should appear in the text, for example, (Jones, 1998), and a complete reference should appear in the reference list at the end of the paper.

    If you are referring to an idea from another work but NOT directly quoting the material, or making reference to an entire book, article or other work, you only have to make reference to the author and year of publication and not the page number in your in-text reference. All sources that are cited in the text must appear in the reference list at the end of the paper.

    In-text citation capitalization, quotes, and italics/underlining

    • Always capitalize proper nouns, including author names and initials: D. Jones.
    • If you refer to the title of a source within your paper, capitalize all words that are four letters long or greater within the title of a source: Permanence and Change. Exceptions apply to short words that are verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs: Writing New MediaThere Is Nothing Left to Lose.

    (Note: in your References list, only the first word of a title will be capitalized: Writing new media.)

    • When capitalizing titles, capitalize both words in a hyphenated compound word: Natural-Born Cyborgs.
    • Capitalize the first word after a dash or colon: "Defining Film Rhetoric: The Case of Hitchcock's Vertigo."
    • Italicize the titles of longer works such as books, edited collections, movies, television series, documentaries, or albums: The Closing of the American MindThe Wizard of OzFriends.
    • Put quotation marks around the titles of shorter works such as journal articles, articles from edited collections, television series episodes, and song titles: "Multimedia Narration: Constructing Possible Worlds;" "The One Where Chandler Can't Cry."

    Short quotations

    If you are directly quoting from a work, you will need to include the author, year of publication, and page number for the reference (preceded by "p."). Introduce the quotation with a signal phrase that includes the author's last name followed by the date of publication in parentheses.

    According to Jones (1998), "Students often had difficulty using APA style, especially when it was their first time" (p. 199).

    Jones (1998) found "students often had difficulty using APA style" (p. 199); what implications does this have for teachers?

    If the author is not named in a signal phrase, place the author's last name, the year of publication, and the page number in parentheses after the quotation.

    She stated, "Students often had difficulty using APA style" (Jones, 1998, p. 199), but she did not offer an explanation as to why.



    Basic Form

    APA style dictates that authors are named last name followed by initials; publication year goes between parentheses, followed by a period. The title of the article is in sentence-case, meaning only the first word and proper nouns in the title are capitalized. The periodical title is run in title case, and is followed by the volume number which, with the title, is also italicized. If a DOI has been assigned to the article that you are using, you should include this after the page numbers for the article. If no DOI has been assigned and you are accessing the periodical online, use the URL of the website from which you are retrieving the periodical.




    Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume number(issue number), pages. https://doi.org/xx.xxx/yyyy


    Directions:  The following question requires you to construct a coherent essay that integrates your interpretation of the two documents given, other documents you find through research and your knowledge of the subject referred to in the question. High scores will be earned only by essays that cite key pieces of evidence from these documents and others which you have found during your research. Please draw on outside knowledge of the subject from reliable materials used in the field of Economics, not Wiki-pedia. Include either APA or MLA citation and your reason for choosing your format. Refer to the attached rubric for grading guidelines. Due date are listed below and on my teacher website. As are copies of the two documents you are given and the question. Technical assistance with writing can be found online at the OWL site maintained by Purdue University. My office hours are 9:00 am to 9:25 am. My email is: debra.pierce@marion.k12.fl.us


    Essay Question:

    Describe changes anticipated by economists for the labor market as a factor of production within the USA over the upcoming decades. Discuss the driving forces of these changes. What are the expected outcomes in regards to production due to these changes?


    Important Dates

    Mini Q Essay Outline Tool Due 9/12/18

    Rough Draft Due Block Day 9/20, to be returned back to you on Monday 9/24

    Final DBQ Due 10/10/18

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