• Hello, and welcome to Mr. Johnston's first grade class! 

    This quarter promises to be an usual one as we embark for the first time on distance learning but with the co-operation and collaboration of all stakeholders, we will make it a success. I look forward to this exciting time with you.


    1. Taking attendance is still a legal obligation. Students can demonstrate attendance in a number of ways, including but not limited to the examples listed below: 
      • Logging into an online platform e.g., i-Ready, SmartyAnts, myON, Think Central
      • Sending an email or a message 
      • Engaging in a phone call with the teacher or other school employee
    2. Students have five (5) days in which to complete and assignment. Please print and complete, or write your answers on a blank sheet of paper. Then take a photo and submit to me via email or text message. These will go towards the student's grades for this quarter so completion and submission are extremely important.
    3. During the student instructional week, students should:
      a. complete three (3) lessons in both i-Ready Reading and Math instruction (at least 46 minutes total, and no more than 60 minutes)
      b. read daily for twenty (20) minutes independently (including myON accessed via MCPS Desktop Portal under Programs) or with families
      c. do fifteen (15) minutes on SmartyAnts each day - SmartyAnts  user name - kj123, Password: student's lunch number


    If you do not have internet access at home, you may pick up a learning packet for all subjects from the office. Please call them first to make sure they have everything ready for you. Once the assignment is completed, take a screenshot or photo of the worksheet and e-mail it to me.

    Please note that all assignments must reflect the student's own work! 


    How to reach me

    LIVE Hours:

    9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., and 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.  

    Contact me by e-mail, or by calling (352) 613-9410 (M).  


    Special area teachers will create lessons for two grade levels each week and then rotate through the 3 upcoming weeks.  (We will be updating to the end of April soon.)  Students will have ONE special each week.  You will need to visit the Specials teacher's website to see the activity planned for the week.  I have given you a link to their website below.

    Here is the rotation plan:



    April 20-21

    May 11-15

    April 27-May 1

    May 18-22

    May 4-8

    May 25-29


    K and 1st

    2nd and 3rd

    4th and 5th


    4th and 5th

    K and 1st

    2nd and 3rd


    2nd and 3rd

    4th and 5th

    K and 1st


    Specials Teachers:


    Music - Mr. Sapp 

    Art - Ms. Conole

    P.E. - Coach Leinenbach or Coach Woodard

    Sanford Harmony - Mrs. Mesnick (School Counselor)


    Mr. Kohen Johnston


  • Our Daily Schedule


    7:20-7:40 Morning Journal

    7:40-7:45 Warrior Time – Morning Show

    7:45-7:55 Sanford Harmony

    Morning Meeting

    7:55-8:25 Sanford Harmony &

    Social Studies

    8:25-9:55 ELA

    9:55-10:45 Specials: M, W, Th - PE,

    T - Music, F - Art

    10:45-11:30 MTSS Block 1

    11:30-11:50 RECESS

    11:50-12:15 Science

    12:15-12:40 LUNCH

    12:40-12:50 Science

    12:50-1:25 MTSS Block 2

    1:25-2:50 Math

    2:50 Dismissal

  • Student Resources and Websites


    Login: spot

    Password: lunch number



    Login: 2HFQN5

    Password: first name


    Through the student portal: MCPS Student Portal

    • i-Ready Reading 45-60 minutes weekly
    • i-Ready Math 45-60 minutes weekly
    • myON - read as often as you like
    • Studies Weekly 
    • Think Central


    Prodigy - Create your own free account.


    ABCYA - Create your own free account.