Ms. Nikki Hannon

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Ms. Nikki Hannon

Welcome to my page!

Benjamin Franklin stated, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. This quote is a beautiful summary about my path in my education career. While my bachelor’s degree is in Chemistry, I found my heart being drawn to the field of education. Part of this is rooted in my love and natural skill in interacting and helping people. In this case, working with my students to become successful individuals that develop a love of science and healthy curiosity about the world. 

I must admit that it is somewhat by accident that I find myself driven towards the field of Library and Information Science. As a child, I never wanted to read until my grandmother put a Harry Potter book in my hand. You could say the rest is history. It was that single book igniting a fire within me that has led me here today. I went on to college and majored in chemistry. Upon graduating, I decided to teach. When I was first beginning my teaching career, I always thought I would go back into the field of chemistry but my path soon changed. As my knowledge in the teaching field grew, my curiosity and drive about incorporating literature and other texts and passion for exploring new knowledge (scientific discoveries, etc.) grew.

My goals through the library program at Lake Weir High School is to empower my students to become 21st century learners and leaders. Specifically, about how to further grow students’ success, helping teachers grow in their classroom and foster future student leaders.