• Byzantine Empire Project

    due 9/6 and 9/7.  (Late grades not accepted for this assignment)

    • Students will research the Byzantine Empire, and must make something with their hands that represents the culture, architecture, society, tools or government leaders of the Byzantine Empire.
    • Acceptable forms of medium for this project are posters, sculptures, paintings, replicas, etc.
    • Powerpoints or other strictly digital mediums will not be accepted.
    • This is a research assignment, so the project must be accompanied by a one page (double spaced) paper that discusses the research you did, how this represents or was a significant part of the Byzantine Empire.
    • We will NOT be working on this assignment in class and it should be completed at home.
    • Projects are due 9/6 for 3rd period and 9/7 for 2nd We will be presenting and posting these around the room.  So they should be something that is creative and appealing to the eye.