• In our classrooms, we will focus on implementing our school’s behavioral expectations.

    These expectations are as follows: Arriving at school on time, being an active learner, being responsible, being safe, and respectful. 

    I will award points on DoJo as I see your child is following these expectations throughout the school day. My goal is for your child to earn up to 20 points a day.

    • If your child earns at least 14 points (70%), your child will earn one bronco buck.
    • If your child earns 16 or more points (80% or higher), they will earn two bronco bucks per day. 
    • Bronco Bucks will be awarded the following day. These bronco bucks can be used either in our school store or in their classroom. 

      If your child is not following the expectations, the following are the consequences for their actions:

      1st Offense: Verbal reminder of the expectations.

      2nd Offense:  A notation on DoJo of the behavior.

      3rd Offense:  Sent to the Refocus station, where you will fill out a refocus form.

      4th Offense:  Sent to another classroom for think time, where you will fill out a consequence form, a CMR will also be filled out and a phone call home.

      After (3) CMR’s a referral will be issued.