• Follow these instructions to find the eTextbook online.


    Step 1)  Log into your student portal.

    Step 2)  At the bottom of the portal, click on "eTextbooks."

    Step 3)  Click on the brown square labeled "Course Schedule."

    Step 4)  To the left of Algebra I Honors, click on "eTextbook."

    Step 5)  On the right-hand side, click on "Pearson Realize."

    Step 6)  Click on the picture of the textbook.

    Step 7)  Click on the chapter you want.

    Step 8)  Click on the lesson you want.

    Step 9)  On the top of the screen, click on the student eTextbook.

    Possibly Step 10)  You may need to install Adobe Flash on your computer.

    Step 11)  Use the textbook for vocabulary words or to look at the examples and explanations.