• Dear students and guardians, 

    Earth Science Advance classes are requiered to do a Stem Project (Science fair projects)


    Documentation, rules and guidelines:


    Science STEM Fair Timeline 2018-2019


    31 August - Topic (question) chosen and recorded with teacher.

    21 September  - Research Paper DUE - minimum 500 words (typed)

                          Bibliography (sources) also and rough draft of experimental write-up DUE

    28 September -Final Draft of experimental write-up DUE/ Official forms with signature DUE

    1 October- 5 November- work on project at home keep a logbook of ALL that is done and ALL the data collected/Create display boards.

    6 November - Data Analysis (make graphs and charts) and conclusion Abstract DUE

    13 November FINAL PROJECT (Science Fair boards) DUE

    3-7 December Middle School Science Fair at FMS media center. (12/3 set up, 12/4-7 viewing and judging/ 12/10 take them down)

    7 February- BIG Springs STEM Fair(at the Circle Square Cultural Center)