• Analyzing "Ozymandias"

    Complete MIST on "Ozymandias" by 10/23 and bring to class


    Reading a short story

    Read "An Episode of War" by Stephen Crane.

    Determine how the theme of war is carried throughout. Think about the other themes that result with war.

    Determine the irony in the story.

    Due: 9/18/18



    Poem about the things YOU carry

    • Write a poem (20 lines) about the things you carry.
    • Create a tone by using good syntax.
    • Remember that it does not need to rhyme.
    • Think about how it would feel to have some of those things stripped away.
    • Think about the importance of the tangible and intangible.
    • Think about the way you use punctuation to convey meaning.

    Due: 9/4/18


    Poetry Analysis Writing

    Use one of your poems to write the following prompt: 

    Write several paragraphs analyzing how the poet uses literary techniques to develop the complex meanings in his/her work.​

    Could this poem be interpreted on more than one level? You may wish to consider such elements as syntax, diction, tone, imagery and irony.​

    Be sure to discuss the poet’s overall theme/message.

    Due: 8/28 at the beginning of class


    The Things They Carried

    Think: How does war impact and frame literature?

    Reading Schedule

    • Aug. 30 pg 1-85
    • Sept. 6 pg 86-161
    • Sept. 12 pg 162-246

    For each reading segment, I want you to find 5 quotes and thoroughly analyze them. The analysis should be 100+ words and far exceed the length of the quote. Please put the page number the quote is found on as well. When analyzing, do not simply look at plot; rather, find the literary pieces and dwell on those: figurative language, themes, symbols, characterization, motifs, etc. Think deeper.