• Students will write in journals daily at the beginning of class. These will be collected for a grade once there are 5 jounral entries. 


    Journal 1 of 4th Set (10/17/18)

    • I am self-motivated when it comes to…
    • I am unmotivated when it comes to…

    Explain and be honest.


    Journal 2 of 4th Set (10/19/18)

    Why is it important to create a character physicality?


    Journal 3 of 4th Set (10/23/18)

    How were pageant carts inventive?


    Journal 4 of 4th Set (10/25/18)

    Do you have trouble memorizing lines? Why or why not? What are some strategies you use?



    Journal 1 of 3rd Set (9/24/18)

    How can you improve your Antigone performance? What would you do differently next time? Would you change your group members?


    Journal 2 of 3rd Set (9/28/18)

    How will you bring your character to life in a different way than has been previously done?


    Journal 3 of 3rd Set (10/2/18)

    Create a list of everything you need to accomplish today in order to have a successful performance next class.


    Journal 4 of 3rd Set (10/8/18)

    Reflect on your fairytale performance. What went well? What can you do to improve next time?


    Journal 5 of 3rd Set (10/10/18)

    Evaluate the following quote:  “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” -Leo Tolstoy 



    Journal 1 of 2nd set (9/6/18)

    Describe something interesting that you saw at school today. Make sure that you are really descriptive about it. You don’t have to use names.


    Journal 2 of 2nd set (9/10/18)

    List your five favorite TV shows of all time.

    What do these choices say about you?

    Why do you like these shows specifically?


    Journal 3 of 2nd set (9/12/18)

    If you could switch places with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? How would your life be different? 


    Journal 4 of 2nd set (9/14/18)

    Reflect on last class’s work: Summarize what you did with your groups and write what you hope to accomplish today.


    Journal 5 of 2nd set (9/21/18) Collected

    If you had a time machine, would you rather go back in time or explore the future? Explain.




    Journal 1 (8/22/18)

    How do we use our bodies to communicate? How are we (sometimes) more successful communicating through body language than speaking?


    Journal 2 (8/24/18)

    Why should people care about the arts and theatre? Or should they?


    Journal 3 (8/28/18)

    Reflect on this line: “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.”


    Journal 4 (8/30/18)

    What are you most proud of? Explain.


    Journal 5 (9/4/18)

    Who is Thespis and why is he important to theatre?