Tsunami 2004

    Week of August 27-31, 2018

    We will go to the library on Wednesday or Thursday.  All late books must be returned or paid for before checking out. 

    Monday, 08/27/18

    Planner Entry:  H.W. due Friday, 08/31/18

    Journal Entry :

    * Monday, 08/27/18   #3

    • un-  or  uni- = one

    • bi- = two

    • tri- = three

    * Goal - Work in collaborative groups.  LAFS.6.SL.1.1

    • Work in groups to determine the main idea and five supporting details for a section of the text Mammoth Shakes and Monster Waves, page 139 in the textbook. 


    Tuesday, 08/28/18

    * Continue working on yesterday's assignment. 


    Wednesday, 08/29/18 (Periods 1,3,5)  and Thursday, 08/30/18 (Periods 2,4,6)


    ( First 45 minutes of block class)

    Any students who has books that have not been turned in or paid for from previous years will not be allowed to check out.  Slips were given to students last week.


    Balance of class:  Read for enjoyment.  Share with neighbors or teacher the main idea


    Friday, 08/31/18

    * Turn in H.W.

    • Finish written work for Mammoth Shakes and Monster Waves project. 

    * Group presentations of projects.

    * Grades will be given for content, conventions, speaking, and listening.