You were supposed to have a job by 2 weeks into the school year. With schedule changes and all of that, I am requiring that all my OJT students have a job by 8/31/2019.

    If you have been applying everywhere and going into businesses to shake the manager's hand, letting them know that you've applied and have gone above and beyond trying to get hired, but it just hasn't happened yet - then you need to be filling out the following paper (the Job Application Log), documenting where you have applied and what steps you've been taking to try and get a job. This paper needs to be turned in by Friday to your OJT folder instead of a schedule in order to stay in this OJT class; otherwise, you will be dropped out of it. It needs to show that you are ACTIVELY in search of employment. Each instance/row of information needs to be fully filled out in order to get credit for it.


    Job Application Log


    These are the papers that MUST be turned in for OJT. 

    I gave them out in a folder on the first day but if you had a schedule change or lost the papers, here is where you can re-download/print them off for yourself and get them turned in.  

    Student/Parent Agreement

    Student/Employer Agreement

    Student Training Plan Worksheet

    OJT Syllabus


    Every week you will be required to have your schedule for your job turned in BY FRIDAY.

    Weekly Schedule

    Click ^there^ to get a copy of the Written Schedule Paper that you need to fill out. I also have printouts of these in my classroom, but you are more than welcome to download them yourself and cut the paper in half in order to turn in each week's schedule as it comes out. If your schedule comes out in 2-week blocks or even if your schedule comes out by the month, print out the schedule you are given and turn that in. Then continue to fill out what days you ACTUALLY WORK on the written schedule.

    Each week ON FRIDAY you will need to turn in the print out of the schedule that was assigned to you. This will need to be stapled to the hand-written schedule you need to fill out that shows the days you ACTUALLY WORKED. 

    For example, if you were scheduled Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday then your printed schedule should show that. If you traded shifts with someone so that you are now working Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday then your WRITTEN SCHEDULE needs to show that. Your pay stubs must match what your written schedule shows.

    Your pay stubs are also due by the end of each month. If you receive direct deposit, please ask your manager how to get a copy of your pay stub. For some jobs, it will be a PDF file that you can see online. Others will give you a paper copy of the pay stub with no check attached to it. Different businesses do things different ways. It is your responsibility to find out how to access the information you need.

    To RECAP, You will need to turn in EACH WEEK:

    • Printed Schedule
    • Written Schedule

    Each month you will turn in:

    • Pay stubs (or every other week if that's how you are paid)

    Your grade is very dependent on turning in these 3 things and on HOW WELL YOU FILL OUT THE WRITTEN SCHEDULE. You need to have the time frame written down, as well as the date on each of the week's days. The hours worked and how many hours worked each day also needs to be filled in. You need to have the job place filled in (feel free to download the Written Schedule papers and type in the workplace information that will always be the same, that way you don't have to write that information in each time). 

    At the end of 9 weeks, you will turn in your 9-week time card and your employer will fill out an evaluation sheet.

    You need to download/print the 9-week sheet out and you need to be keeping track of your hours over the next 9 weeks and at the end, you will enter the data and print that out to turn it in. 

    To do that, you will open this sheet on your computer, and fill in the times you worked on the particular days. You will turn in this PRINTED AND SIGNED copy for the grade (Not the handwritten copy).

    If for your 9-week time card, you turn in the handwritten copy (in which the hours were not calculated by the computer), you will automatically receive a 50 for the grade. This is also true for getting your time card signed. If there is no signature at the bottom, you automatically receive a 50.


    Also at the end of the 9 weeks, your employer will fill out an Employer Evaluation sheet and you need to have that turned in at the same time as your 9-week time card. I will remind you all once this time draws closer.



    You must sign in or out (or both if you have morning and afternoon periods of OJT) at the front office every day. This will count as your attendance. Even if I saw you in my class earlier in the day - if you do not sign in/out at the front office, I will mark you absent for your OJT periods. MAKE SURE YOU SIGN IN/OUT EVERY DAY. 

    There is an attendance grade taken weekly.



    I understand that every job is different and many of you will have questions. Please feel free to send me an email (skylan.ohler@marion.k12.fl.us) and I will get you an answer ASAP. Asking me in-class is okay too; however, emailing me ensures that I have documentation of what your question is exactly and it ensures a clearer answer.