• Weekly Agendas for Unit 1

    Week of Aug. 13, 2018

    1.  First day paperwork due ASAP

    2.  Signed syllabus due next for notebook check

    3.  Scientific Method Power Point and students notes should be completed for notebook check

    4.  Started Graphing Activity sheet - finish next week and should be completed for notebook check


    Week of Aug. 20, 2018

    1.  Visiting media center to learn about science fair project catagories

    2.  FLINN lab safety lesson, contract to be signed by parents, quiz

    3.  Setting up notebooks - follow binder guidelines

    4.  Using chrome carts to use the GALE research tool to start science fair project research paper



    Unit 1 TEST: Intro to Biology and Nature of Science - Next Wed/Thursday Aug 29-30

    Click Here For Study Guide - also distributed in class

    Week of Aug. 27, 2018

    1.  Notebook Check

    2.  Characteristics of Life Notes

    3.  Scientific Law vs Scientific Theory Notes

    4.  Complete Unit 1 Vocab

    5.  Prepare for test using Unit 1 Study Guide

    6.  If time, chrome carts in class on M/T for extra science fair research 

    7.  Unit 1 Test

    8.  Start Unit 2:  Ecology - Work on vocab after test

    9.  Obtain chapters 13-16 study guide pages from workbooks

    10.  Ecological Levels of Organization notes