• Boxing Day Tsunami

    Week of August 20-24, 2018

    Homework will be done together in class again this week.

    Monday, 08/20/18

    • I-Ready Baseline Assessment.  Students will work on chromebook computers to complete this diagnostic assessment. 

    • Information from this assessment will help us to remediate students precisely where needed.  Students must have earbuds or headphones for this assessment, and every day at school this year.

    Tuesday, 08/21/18

    • Continue/complete I-Ready Baseline Assessment


    Wednesday, 08/22 (Periods 1,3,5) or Thursday, 08/23 (Periods 2,4,6) Block Days

    • Baseline Writing Assessment


    Friday, 08/24/18

    Journal Entry #2- These are Latin and/or Greek terms sed to complete homework. 

    • pre- = before

    • post- = after

    • inter- = between

    • Do homework together.

    • Work on group projects.