• What is Practical Arts/OJT?

    Practical Arts is an in-class subject that I teach.

    OJT is the On The Job Training program, in which a student has a job and is permitted to leave the campus to go to work, while having this count as a credit toward graduation. It is not a "taught in class" type of subject. The kids report to me and turn in paperwork, but otherwise, they do not come to my classroom daily for their OJT periods.


    Practical Arts is the class everyone seems to say "Why didn't they teach that while I was in high school?!" It is, quite literally, learning to be an adult. Subjects we will cover in this class are things like creating a resume and going on interviews, financial planning, balancing work life with personal life, information about getting and properly using a credit card, as well as numerous other topics. I am also hoping to have guest speakers throughout the year who will take a day from their regular job and will come in to talk about what they do, how they got into that field of work, what it took to get there, and any other questions the students might have for them. 

    We use Google Classroom quite a bit to keep track of assignments and do testing and other things.


    Remind code for Practical Arts: text the code @pracarts to 81010 and it will link you to my updates regarding Practical Arts in Remind 

    Here are the codes for the different periods in Google Classroom:


    Period 1 - bcbiy64

    Period 2 - jawgrdb

    Period 3 - v5lstvc

    Period 4 - v97jfp

    Period 5 - lqprm6


    Instructions for Google Classroom:

    Go to classroom.google.com

    Sign in using your SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS (Your personal email won't work properly)

    Click the + up in the upper right-hand corner

    Type in the code from your period.

    You should now be linked to my classroom in Google Classroom and be able to see any assignments or anything posted.



    OJT or "On the Job Training" is a "class" in which the student has a job and is getting a high school credit by working at this job. They are not coming to sit in my classroom. Their OJT class periods are the periods in which they are to be going to work. Any student in the OJT program has to have their guardian sign off on this, as well as get their employer's signature saying that they (the employer) understands that the student is working for their company as a high school student who is receiving credit for this, and thus that they need to be receiving a certain amount of hours on their schedule per week, as well as possibly certain times of the day. 


    Remind code for OJT: text the code @ojt555 to 81010 and it will link you to my updates regarding OJT in Remind


    There are 4 papers required to be turned in ASAP for the OJT program:

    • The student/parent agreement
    • The student/employer agreement
    • The student training plan worksheet
    • The OJT syllabus

    The first 2 are the agreements I described above. The student training plan describes what duties the student has while working at their chosen establishment. The signature on the OJT syllabus states that the student understands what will be required of them to be in the program.

    Once these papers have been turned in, the student is required to turn in their printed schedule (the schedule that the job has assigned) as well as a written schedule (shift changes happen. The student should be writing down the times and dates they actually worked on this paper), and they need to turn in their pay stubs to prove that they are working the hours they wrote down on the written schedule. These schedules (the schedule assigned by the employer as well as the written schedule of the ACTUAL hours worked) and the pay stubs need to be turned in every Wednesday. If the student is paid bi-weekly then the pay stubs are expected every other Wednesday.