• 10/1-10/5

    Posted by David Rau on 10/1/2018


    Today we continued working with the product rule and practiced a few more difficult problems

    product rule

    khan academy catch up! do all khan's involving derivatives



    Today we introduced the quotient rule and found derivatives of the remaining trig functions

    Quotient rule

    4 Khans



    Today we talked finding equations of tangent lines to certain functions




    Today we introduced to the chain rule

    Khan assignments

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  • 9/24-9/28

    Posted by David Rau on 9/23/2018


    Today we used the definition of derivative and the alternative definition to find the derivatives of certain functions

    Def of Derivative

    1 Khan assignment! Try this assignment multiple times, it MOST LIKELY will NOT make sense the first few times, but eventually it will click!



    Today we talked about when a function is differentiable. 


    2 khan assignments



    Today was a short, but POWERful day. We learned the power rule for basic polynomial functions, and navigated through a few exponent rule

    Power rule

    4 Khan assignments (they take a bit but soon it will feel as natural as multiplying numbers)




    Today we learned more basic derivatives and learned the product rule!

    More Derivatives and the Product Rule

    Khan assignemtns!!!

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  • 9/17-9/21

    Posted by David Rau on 9/17/2018


    Today we re addressed the quiz material. The new quiz is Tuesday. Wednesday is limits review, and your test is Friday

    Quiz Recap



    Today we re-quizzed on trickly limits and began going over our limits study guide

    Study guide Pt 1

    Study guide part 2

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    Posted by David Rau on 9/14/2018
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  • 9/10-9/14

    Posted by David Rau on 9/9/2018


    Today we indroduced the squeeze theorem and found advanced limits with trig properties. 

    Squeeze and Trig

    1 Khan: Squeeze Theorem



    Today we continued with the squeeze theorem, looked at some uglier limits, and then introduced the intermediate value theorem

    Squeeze and IVT

    1 Khan: Justification of IVT



    Today we continued working with the IVT

    1 Khan, using the IVT



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  • 9/4-9/7

    Posted by David Rau on 9/3/2018


    Today we discussed more infinite limits algebraically and analytically.

    Infinite Limits

    3 Khan Assignments

    Also be sure to finish up all Khan Work thus far

    tomorrow will be an extended classwork day to clarify and recap. 



    Limits Involving Infinity Work 

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  • 8/27-8/31

    Posted by David Rau on 8/26/2018


    Today we approximated limits by hand and using tables

    Limits from Tables

    3 Khan Assignments



    Today we found limits of combined or composed functions

    Combined limits

    1 Khan assignment



    Today we found limits by direct substitution or factoring. 

    Direct or Factoring Notes

    There was a LOT of khan work but ample time to complete them in class. Be sure to finish them up. We quiz first thing Friday!



    Today we discussed limits through conjugates, trig, and evaluation at infinity. 

    Limits at Infinity

    4 Khan Assignments

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  • 8/20-8/24

    Posted by David Rau on 8/19/2018


    Today we reviewed the basics and essentials of trigonometry

    Trig Notes

    Unit Circle Quiz Wednesday 8/22/18

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  • 8/13-8/17

    Posted by David Rau on 8/13/2018


    Today we began reviewing the material covered in the summer assignment. Your summer assignment will boost the grade on review, but will not directly count as a grade

    Summer Notes Day 1


    Today we completed the summer assingment review!

    Full Summer Assn Filled

    Your Quiz on the Summer assignment is this Friday 17th

    Good Luck :)

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