• Goals of Hawk Time (9:50-10:20am)
    1. Take I-Ready Assessments
    (Language Arts and Math teachers can use these scores to adjust learning goals).
    2. Learn or improve study skills.
    3. Get help with completing assignments and projects. 
    4. Silent Reading time.
    5. Club times - Once a month.

  • Agenda 2018-19

    Sept. 17-21 - Constitution Day

    Happy Constitution Day  FOUNDERS' MONTH


    Aug. 27-31
    I-Ready begins: Wed.=Math; Thurs.=ELA

    Aug. 24
    1. Operation: Help a Newby! 

    1. Set up Agenda Planner
    2. Book Fair

    Aug. 20-21
    1. Mr.Q's Clubs
    2. Bring in forms
    3. Set up File Folder

    1. "How am I doing?" Study habits survey
    2. Bring in forms

    Aug. 15 (Wed.)
    1. Collect forms:
       a) Emergency Medical
       b) Title I Compact
       c) Volunteer Application (for interested parents)
       d) Free/Reduced Lunch Application
    2. Fire Drill

    Aug.14 (Tues.)
    1. Review Mr.Q's website "Useful Links"

    Aug.13 (Mon.)
    1. Welcome back!
    2. Discuss Goals of Hawk Time