• Agenda 2018-19
    1. End of year celebration (May 16)
    2. Elect new leaders for 2019-20
    3. Summer Leadership Institute (Date: ________)
    4. Ocala Relay Celebration (Date: ______)

    1. April 12 Relay!!!! Citizen's Circle
    2. Shaving Mr.Q's head
    3. To do
         a) campsite decorations
         b) Survivor bag gifts
         c) Jean Day
         d) Popcorn machine & supplies
         e) Candy, bracelets, keychains for sale
         f) Get checks to deposit at Relay
         g) Load chairs, table, tent, decorations, gifts (Apr.12)
         h) Permission slips for Relay

    1. Friday T-shirt Ads (letter/order form
    2. Cookie sales (Fridays) 
    3. Get date for Jean Day: __________
    4. Prepare Relay campsite decorations
        a) Lollipops
        b) Candy Land posters
        c) Ribbons
        d) Candy Cane lights
    5. Photos & Luminaria bags ($5)
    6. Banner for Kimberly
    7. Car Wash April 6


    1. Friday T-shirt Ads (letter/order form
    2. Cookie sales (Fridays) 
    3. Orders/posters for Valentine's sales (forms/receipts) (done)
    4. Get date for Jean Day: _________
    5. Preview Drama script; do auditions; begin rehearsals
    6. Update website with Photos ("I Relay for ______") 
    7. "CandyLand" site team: collect and build decorations
    8. Bring in: a) Photo of person you are Relaying for
                        b) Water bottle for Dime Challenge
                        c) Cookies!
    9. Dime Challenge (Goal: $500)
    10. Put up Relay for Life bulletin board
    11. Black History Month: Florida Black History Heritage Trail 

    1. Friday T-shirt Ads (letter/order form)
    2. Clean up homeroom/drama room
    3. Cookie sales (Fridays)
    4. Orders/posters for Valentine's sales (forms/receipts)
    5. Order new school supplies
    6. Order new bracelet/keychain supplies
    7. Get date for Jean Day: _________
    9. Get new students signed in on website
    10. Preview Drama script
    11. Update website with Photos ("I Relay for ______")
    12. "CandyLand" site team
    12. Bring in: a) Photo of person you are Relaying for
                        b) Water bottle for Dime Challenge
                        c) Cookies!

    1. Cookie sales
    2. School supplies sales
    3. Decorate homeroom 
    4. Celebrate Life Day!
    5. Next Car Wash...
    6. Clean up drama room
    7. Second Semester Drama
    8. Friday T-shirt
    9. Theme for Relay:CandyLand

    Nov.26-30 (Welcome back from Thanksgiving)
    *Announce: McTeacher's Night - Wed., Nov.29
    McTeachers night

    1. New students - welcome/orientation
    2. Making Strides Closing Party permission slips - Next Tues., Dec.4, 6pm
        Medical Health Center - 1714 SE 17th St, Ocala, FL 34471
    3. Groups: a) Cookie packing (Cindy)
                    b) Friendship bracelets (Sheli)
                    c) Rubber band bracelets (Aiyanalyn)
                    d) Keychains (Angelyn)
                    e) Clean up drama room (Brianna)
                    f) School supplies sales (
                    g) Tape pouches (Sheli)
                    h) Bank (Kiera/Malachi)
    4. New members - sign up on website
    5. Bring in Cookies!!!! (Sales begin next week)
    6. Thursday-Monday (Nov.29-Dec.3): Substitute
         Thurs. readings - “Ohio boy gets final wish”/
                                  ACS Breast Cancer services 
         Friday readings - “Boy donates hair
         Monday readings - “17 year Prostate Cancer Survivor Feels Great

    Oct. 27 - Car Wash (Krystals)

    Oct. 25 - Relay Kick-Off/Costume Party (Ocala Police Dept.) 6pm

    1. Relay Work Groups (Tues./Fri.)
    2. Elections for Officers: Results
    3. Lesson 2: Lung Cancer (Mon.)
    4. I-Ready (Wed./Thurs.)
    5. Permission slips for: Ocala Strides website
    6. Officers training (Tues./Fri.)

    1. Relay Work Groups
    2. Elections for Officers (Fri.)
    3. Lesson 1: What is Cancer?
    4. I-Ready (Wed./Thurs.)
    5. Permission slips for: Making Strides
    6. Sign-up on Ocala Strides website

    Sept. 24-28
    1. "Start with Hello" Week
         Powerpoints/activities/stories - Day 1   2   3   4   5
    2. Welcome to Relay for Life Hawk Hour (9/24 - 1st day!!!)
    3. Relay - Group projects
    4. Fundraising - Planning Car wash - Oct.27
    5. Orientation/Classroom rules
    6. Sign up on Ocala Strides website
    7. Breast Cancer PPT
    8. Sign up for Google Classroom (pk3ias)

    Sept. 17-21 - Constitution Day

    Happy Constitution Day  FOUNDERS' MONTH


    Aug. 27-31
    I-Ready begins: Wed.=Math; Thurs.=ELA

    Aug. 24
    1. Operation: Help a Newby! 

    1. Set up Agenda Planner
    2. Book Fair

    Aug. 20-21
    1. Mr.Q's Clubs
    2. Bring in forms
    3. Set up File Folder

    1. "How am I doing?" Study habits survey
    2. Bring in forms

    Aug. 15 (Wed.)
    1. Collect forms:
       a) Emergency Medical
       b) Title I Compact
       c) Volunteer Application (for interested parents)
       d) Free/Reduced Lunch Application
    2. Fire Drill

    Aug.14 (Tues.)
    1. Review Mr.Q's website "Useful Links"

    Aug.13 (Mon.)
    1. Welcome back!
    2. Discuss Goals of Hawk Time

  • Study Hall Goals of Hawk Time (9:50-10:20am)
    1. Take I-Ready Assessments
    (Language Arts and Math teachers can use these scores to adjust learning goals).
    2. Learn or improve study skills.
    3. Get help with completing assignments and projects. 
    4. Silent Reading time.
    5. Club times - Once a month.

    Relay for Life Goals
    1. Learn about cancer - causes, effects, prevention
    2. Learn about the American Cancer Society - history, services
    3. Raise funds for Ocala Making Strides against Breast Cancer
         (Oct. 13, 2018 @Veterans Memorial Park)
        and Relay for Life (April 12, 2019 - Citizens Circle/City Hall)
    4. Experience and participate in community service.