• Marksmanship

    The Marksmanship Team leader is appointed by the Battalion Commander and approved by the Senior Army Instructor (SAI) and the Army Instructor (AI). The leader will be permitted to appoint one or two assistants approved by the SAI and AI.


    Marksmanship meet every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 0700 hours until 0915 hours (7:00 - 9:15 am). Some of the requirements of a Marksmanship match include a Marksmanship team consisting of 4 cadets (gender natural). To participate each cadet must complete a safety course and pass with a score of 100% on the exam, sign a safety pledge and participate in all required training and practices. The Wolf Pack Battalion Marksmanship team participated in its first state level Marksmanship competition during the school year 2015-2016 and National Marksmanship competition in the 207-2018 school year.




    Marksmanship Team Commander:

    C/CPT Blackwood, Carlie

    Leads the Marksmanship team to excellence.

    Marksmanship Team Assistant:

    C/SSG Colon Vargas, Edian 

    Is responsible for assisting the Marksmanship Team Commander.