• Week of August 13-17, 2018

    We are reading "Mammoth Shakes and Monster Waves", starting on page 139 in our textbook.  Textbooks are available on each student's computer desktop.

    Monday, 08/13/18

    • Go over student handbook

    Tuesday, 08/14/18

    • Set up planners and journals. 

    • Discuss class rules

    Wednesday, 08/15  (Periods 1,3,5) or Thursday,8/16 (Periods 2,4,6)

    Journal Entry #1-These  Latin and/or Greek terms are used each week to do homework.   It is assigned the first day of the week, and due the last day of the week.

    • auto- = self

    • bio- = life

    • graph- = write or draw

    Homework was done together in class on Wednesday or Thursday.  


    Friday, 08/17/18

    • Planner Entry - Friday, 08/18/18 - Orange paper asking for earbuds by Monday, 08/20 stapled in.