Advanced Theatre (Period 5B, 6A, and 6B) needs to see one live performance each quarter and have the reviews completed by: 

    Quarter 1 review due by Monday, October 7 for B Days or Tuesday, October 8 for A Days

    Quarter 2 review due by Monday, December 16 for A Days or Tuesday, December 17 for B Days

    Quarter 3 review due by Monday, March 9 for A Days and Tuesday, March 10 for B Days

    Quarter 4 review due by Monday, May 18 for A Days and Tuesday, May 19 for B Days


    Currently you could plan to attend student night at Ocala Civic Theater for FREE to see the dress rehearsal for Matilda on Wednesday, August 28th at 7:30.  You need to be arrive a little earlier so you can be seated by 7:30.  Parents are NOT allowed to watch at that time.  They may drop off and come back or sit in the lobby for the duration of the play.  OCT usually sells concessions at intermission if you'd like to bring any money.  


    At this time, I do not have a schedule of the high school productions.  I will keep you posted when I get them.


    Click here to get the Adv. Theatre Play Review Guideline.