• Mrs. Diokas’ Biology Class 2018-2019

    Contact Information:

    Email: Shannon.Diokas@marion.k12.fl.us
    Room: 5-112
    Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8:15-9 am and the first half of Power Hour A
    Phone: 352-291-4000 x59784

    Course Description:

    Biology includes the study of Plants and Animals, Scientific Methodology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Evolution, Classification of Living Organisms, and Ecological Relationships. The Biology End of Course exam is 30% of the final grade.


    • Notebook for organizing notes/classwork
    • Pencils & erasers
    • Pens – blue or black ink only
    • Notebook paper
    • Textbook at home if desired

    Classroom Rules:

    1. Make good choices
    2. Be brave

      Due to health and safety concerns:

      Absolutely NO SCENTED PRODUCTS are to be used or applied during class.


    Classroom Expectations:

    Students are expected to follow the 4-P’s of West Port: Be Prompt, Prepared, Polite and Productive.


    Following the classroom rules and West Port’s 4-P’s will ensure proper behavior in class and a cooperative learning environment for all students. Students are expected to follow the guidelines stated in the Marion County Student Code of Conduct.

    Kindness, above all else, is expected from students. Kindness allows for collaboration and increased learning in the classroom. Students will be expected to make mistakes; we learn by making mistakes and finding better alternatives!

    Cell Phones & Electronic Devices Policy:

    Phones and electronic devices are not to be seen or heard during class


    Grades are based on total points accumulated by demonstrating mastery of content standards on quizzes, tests, homework, class assignments, and projects or labs during each quarter. The MCPS grading scale will be followed. In order for students to do their best to master the Biology content, students are expected to take notes and keep their binder neat and up to date.

    Late work:

    It is a student’s responsibility to turn in their class work on the due date. Work turned in after the due date will be marked down 10% each school day. After 2 weeks, no credit will be given. Students are always encouraged to discuss with the teacher the reason their class work is late; if they do this when the assignment was originally due the late penalty may not be applied.
    WARNING: Late papers are graded as time permits. This may affect eligibility for extracurricular activities. No late work is accepted the last week of the quarter.


    Makeup work:

    Students have one school day for each day absent to turn in all makeup work (unless arrangements are made with the instructor for more time) or to complete a missed test. Not all class activities can be made up, as they require direct participation by the student; alternate assignments will be assigned when appropriate.


    Students that are absent or suspended should contact the teacher using their student email to request the work being missed. Not all work can be completed outside of class; alternate assignments will be assigned when appropriate. Work done during suspension must be turned in the day the student returns from suspension.


    Homework will not be assigned often. Students should spend time each evening reviewing their notes. Assignments given for home completion should be done with class notes, online textbook, or appropriate internet search and analysis. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.


    Students are expected to come to class on time. Students will be marked tardy if they are not in the classroom when the bell rings.

    Leaving During Class:

    Students will not be allowed to leave class during the first and final 5 minutes of the class period. This is subject to change as deemed necessary by the teacher. Students are required to have permission to leave and are to document in the Student Location Log when they leave and return to the classroom. Students must have the appropriate pass with them when they leave the room. All passes must be returned to the teacher.

    Bathroom Breaks:

    Students will need to manage their bathroom breaks and personal needs between classes or when the time is appropriate. Bathroom breaks during times of individual work should be limited to less than 5 minutes.


    Grooming (including but not limited to brushing hair, applying makeup, deodorant or other products) is to be completed before school or in the locker room or bathroom. Absolutely NO SCENTED PRODUCTS are to be used or applied during class.

    Food, Drink, Gum

    Students are not allowed to eat in the classroom. Water or sports drinks in closed containers only. Gum is allowed as long as it is not seen, heard, or causing a distraction. Gum MUST be discarded into the trash.


    Choosing to not follow the classroom rules or expectations will result in the following consequences:

    • 1st offense – reminder of the procedure or rule that was not followed
    • 2nd offense – documented teacher-student conference
    • 3rd offense – teacher-parent/guardian phone conference
    • 4th offense – discipline referral

    **These consequences may be subject to change or acceleration based upon the infraction type or frequency.


    Link for a digital copy: Diokas Syllabus