• Dear Students/Parents-Guardians: 

    • On Google Classroom your textbook is attached.  I created a Lesson Review Editable for students to record their answers. 

     Steps to access E/S e-textbook:

    • E/S textbook can be access through the student's portal. (e-textbook or schedules). 

    • Steps to access Earth Space Science etextbook. Click here: Etextbook login 

    Need help with your etextbook?

    • Student Help (Recommended to add this link to your teacher website) http://downloads.hmlt.hmco.com/Help/Ed/Student/index.htm#Getting_Started/Log_In_Ed.htm=&t=Overview_Student.htm

    • Student Changing Language to Spanish (Recommended to add this link to your teacher website) http://downloads.hmlt.hmco.com/Help/Ed/Student/index.htm#t=Basics%2FChange_Language_to_Spanish.htm

    • How to write in the student HMH etextbook? I attached a youtube video to help you:

      Click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iU53QY1pTBI&feature=youtu.be