Assignment Timeline

  • October 17

    CLASS ACTIVITIES: Class and the Race for Resources

    CLASS WORK: Work through the power point above.  

    HOMEWORK: Malthus article 



    September 13

    CLASS ACTIVITIES: Role of Art in Society Pecha Kucha

    CLASS WORK: planning argument for PK presentation, gathering evidence and imagery 

    HOMEWORK: none for the weekend


    September 11

    CLASS ACTIVITIES: finishing previous days homework




    September 9

    CLASS ACTIVITIES: Role of Art in Society

    CLASS WORK: Unit 2 overview, chalk talk class discussion, Peterson Video and discussion 

    HOMEWORK: Arts Funding

    • Go to my website, and print the article “Why Should We Fund the Arts?"
    • Complete the SOAPSTone argument analysis sheet
    • Create 5 statements about yourself that will be converted to an argument next class


    September 5

    CLASS ACTIVITIES: Constructin An Argument 3

    CLASS WORK: writing an argument

    HOMEWORK: Write an argument essay to answer the question: Is protest effective for implementing social change.


    August 29

    CLASS ACTIVITIES: Constructing an Argument pt 2

    CLASS WORK: Create claims and counter claims for the overarching questions

    HOMEWORK: Do Protests Work 

    • Go to my website, and print the article “Do Protests Work?” Read and annotate.
    • Identify the argument made in the article
    • Highlight specific evidence.
    • Note the counterclaim and rebuttal.

    August 27

    CLASS ACTIVITIES: Constructing an Argument pt 1

    CLASS WORK: Define protest (gallery walk)

    HOMEWORK: The Perilous Fight

    • Read and annotate “The Perilous Fight”
    • In what ways has the protest featured in the article has been successful?
    • How has it not been successful?
    • Respond:  Why do you think there has been little to no change in public policy despite the size and strength of the NFL players’ protests?


    August 23

    CLASS ACTIVITIES: Evaluating an Argument

    CLASS WORK: Read and annotate Organize and Occupy article, research authors and perform R.A.V.E.N. on the articles from both articles we've read.

    HOMEWORK: none


    August 21

    CLASS ACTIVITIES: Lenses and Perspectives

    CLASS WORK: Create research questions based on photos in ppt, read and annotate Protest is Democracy at Work, identify possible lenses and perspectives active in that article


    • View: “War is Hell” photograph in the ppt linked above.
    • Identify which (if any) lenses through which this photo can be understood.
    • Determine a perspective that is represented, and what arguable question may be asked from that perspective.
    • Respond: Write a paragraph that explains several ways in which this photograph supports the arguments made in the two articles you’ve read.


    August 19

    CLASS ACTIVITIES: Intro to AP Seminar