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    I am so excited you all are here! The quote above to me really describes Early Childhood in a nutshell. As you progress in this program you will really be able to witness first hand how much PLAY can positively impact a child. Throughout all levels of this course we will be diving deep into Developmentally Appropriate Practices and Beyond Centers and Circle Time Curriculum in both my classroom and in Kiddie World.  

    Class Schedule

    Period 1: ECE level 3 & 4

    Period 2: ECE level 3 & 4

    Period 3: ECE level 2

    Period 4: ECE level 2

    Period 5: ECE level 1

    Period 6: ECE level 1 


    Make-Up Work

    - Make up work must be requested within 48 hours of an excused absence.

    - Tests and Quizzes can be made up at my discretion and must be accompanied with a valid excused absence.

    - Late work will be accepted for partial credit.

    - Extra credit will be offered throughout the semester to be applied to student's lowest quiz grade. 


    Office Hours

    My room is available for makeup work BEFORE school 8:30 - 9:00 or after the school day is over by appointment only. You will also have to opportunity to make an appointment during PAW time. PAW time is offered on Thursdays and Fridays. PAW stands for Purposeful Academic Work Time. Emphasis on the Purposeful! You will not get a pass to my class unless you have a purpose to be there :) 

    The expectation of P.A.W. time will be:  The student must come see me Monday-Wednesday AND NO LATER than Thursday morning to retrieve a P.A.W. Pass. If the P.A.W. Pass is not planned ahead of time the student will not be permitted to leave their P.A.W. teacher's classroom to come to my room on that Thursday or Friday. THIS MUST BE PLANNED AHEAD OF TIME.

    How the P.A.W. PASS WORKS: The student will show the P.A.W. Pass to their P.A.W. Time teacher and will then be released to report to my classroom for make-up work. When the student reports to my class I will then collect their P.A.W. Pass & keep for safe record keeping as well as the student will sign in on the log sheet for documentation purposes.  


    Ashley.Stockel@marion.k12.fl.us    352-465-6745     Ext. 58284