• Our current unit of study is FORCE and MOTION. 



    SC.5.P.13.1 -Identify familiar forces that cause objects to move, such as pushes or pulls, including gravity acting on falling objects.
    SC.5.P.13.2 -Investigate and describe that the greater the force applied to it, the greater the change in motion of a given object.
    SC.5.P.13.3 -Investigate and describe that the more mass an object has, the less effect a given force will have on the object's motion.
    SC.5.P.13.4 -Investigate and explain that when a force is applied to an object but it does not move, it is because another opposing force is being applied by something in the environment so that the forces are balanced.

    FORCE and MOTION Vocab:

    friction     Newton     force  

    attract       repel

    balanced forces      

    unbalanced forces

    motion       inertia       speed    


    spring scale         acceleration

    Newton’s 1st law

    Newton’s 2nd law

    Newton’s 3rd


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