• Our current unit of study is EARTH and SPACE.

    SC.5.E.5.1 Recognize that a galaxy consists of gas, dust, and many stars, including any objects orbiting

    the stars. Identify our home galaxy as the Milky Way.

    Also Assesses SC.3.E.5.1 Explain that stars can be different; some are smaller, some are larger, and some

    appear brighter than others; all except the Sun are so far away that they look like points of


    SC.3.E.5.2 Identify the Sun as a star that emits energy; some of it in the form of light.

    SC.3.E.5.3 Recognize that the Sun appears large and bright because it is the closest star to


    SC.5.E.5.3 Distinguish among the following objects of the Solar System—Sun, planets, moons,

    asteroids, comets—and identify Earth’s position in it.

    Also Assesses SC.5.E.5.2 Recognize the major common characteristics of all planets and compare/contrast the

    properties of inner and outer planets.