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What is AVID?

  • AVID


    Advancment Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a course for students in the 7th grade that could use a little extra push from not only a teacher, but their peers as well. 

    The program is centered around WICOR strategies that encourage our students to Write, Inquire, Collaborate, Organize, & Read to better their academic success in all subjects. 

    The plan is to create a safe, familial environment where our students can work to achieve lifelong goals with a built in support system. This program only asks that our students have a good attitude and work ethic. 

    So excited to be on this journey with our students. 


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Discussion Boards

  • Cup Challenge

    Posted by:

    How did your team do? 

    What was the most difficult part of this challenge? 

    How could this challenge been made easier? 

    What did you have to do to be a better teammate? 

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  • COW & MOW - Harvard 1/14/19

    Posted by:


    Where is Harvard University located? 

    How far away from Ocala is it? 

    What is Harvard's most celebrated landmark? 

    What are the three lies to the John Harvard statue? 

    What is the graduation rate for Harvard?

    How many meals does Annenberg Hall serve a day? 



    In your own words, describe what the study of linguistics is? 

    In the section historical langugae, it states "all languages change over time". How has the English language changed since you've been alive?

    What does MBB stand for? 

    How much do Interpreters and Translators get paid per year? 

    What are some qualities Interpreters/Translators must possess?

    Of the qualities listed, which qualities do you think you have?

    Where are some places you might work if you are an Interpreter/Translator?

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  • Balloon Tower

    Posted by:

    How successful was your group? 

    What worked or didn't work for your group? 

    Would you have been more successful if you had a different base to build your structure on for the activity? 

    What does a solid foundation mean to success as we continue to work toward accomplishing our goals? 

    What can you be doing in 7th grade to help build a solid foundation for your future success?

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  • COW & MOW - 12/10 Clemson

    Posted by:

    How far away from Ocala is Clemson University? 

    What did the class of 1944 gift Clemson? How many people graduated that year?

    How many square feet is the Wyatt Innovation Center?

    What is PAL? 

    What movies have graduates of the McAdams Hall worked on?

    How many free hours of counseling can a student receive at Redfern Health Center?

    What are some interesting things that Hendrix Student Center offers?


    What do Landscape Architects do?

    What Hall do Clemson students study landscape architecture at?

    How much do they get paid a year?

    What are some important qualities they may have?

    What are some similar occupations/careers?

    What is physical environment might you want to help design one day?

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