• scarab Week of 10/8/18

    Monday, 10/8. Topic: Egypt, Lesson 3, The New Kingdom. This week we'll be working through page 97-97, and 102-106. Please have your child read those pages more than once this week. Today students will have one last opportunity to finish their Egypt Posters from last week. Once they finish the posters, they will begin working through pages 102-106 by answering text dependent questions. It is important that students be here all week because it's the last week of the quarter and there will be an open folder test on Friday. 

    Tuesday, 10/9. Topic: Egypt, Lesson 3. Today we will get the EQ and Vocabulary for Lesson 3, and take notes on pages 97-98 to learn how Egypt got so rich. We will also continue working on the Question Set for pages 102-106. HW: Read pages 102-103, and answer questions 1a and 1c from page 106.

    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Egypt, Lesson 3. Students will watch the second part of a Time Compass video on Egypt, then we'll finish the Question set and review our folders. HW: Read pages 104 and 106, and answer questions #2a and 2b on page 106. 

    Friday, 10/12. Topic: Egypt Test. Students will go to the computer lab to take an open folder test, then they will have time to work on their Storyboards. No HW.