• Hamruabi Week of 9/17/18

    Monday, 9/17. Topic: Hammurabi's Code. This week we'll be working through a document based question about the fairness of Hammurabi's Code. Today we will begin with a discussion activity on the fairness of laws in general and then read the background information on Hammurabi's code. HW: Read through page 60-64 and complete the Question set. Click here for a fresh copy. Due Friday.

    Tuesday, 9/18. Topic: Hammurabi's Code. Today we'll begin reading through some of Hammurabi's laws and being forming opinions about their relative fairness. HW: Keep working on the 60-64 Question set

    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Today we'll finish analyzing the laws and then write our short essays about whether or not they were fair laws and supporting that opinion with evidence from the documents. HW: Finish the 60-64 Question set. 

    Friday, 9/21. Topic: Hammurabi's Code. Review the week's work and take an open note quiz on Hammurabi's Code. If time permits, students will work on their Storyboards.