• lyre Week of 9/10/18

    Monday, 9/10. Topic: Mesopotamia, Lesson 2, Achievements. This week we will be working through pages 65-69 in the textbook. Students will be learning how the achievements of the Mesopotamians still impact us today. No HW.

    Tuesday, 9/11. Topic: Letter Writing Campaign. Today we will look at an overview of what happened on 9/11/01. Then students will write letters of thanks and encouragement to military service members serving overseas. HW: Re-read pages 65-67, answer #1a and 2a on page 69.

    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Mesopotamian Achievements. Students will list and rank the major achievements of the Sumerians. HW: page 69, #2b and 3b.

    Friday, 9/14. Topic: Review Achievements by creating storyboards online. Students will be going to the computer lab to learn a new online program called StoryboardThat. They will create storyboards that illustrate several achievements of the Sumerians.