• Mesopotamia map Week of 9/3/18

    Monday, 9/3. Labor Day, No School

    Tuesday, 9/4. Topic: Mesopotamia. Students will review and close out the Stone Age Unit and begin the unit on Mesopotamia. We'll look at the Unit Organizer and begin the first set of vocabulary words. Students should read pages 54-57 at home. HW: p. 57, #1abc. Please remember to encourage your child to write answers that include examples and explanations whenever possible.

    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Mesopotamia. We will continue working through Mesopotamia, Lesson 1, Fertile Crescent. Students will learn how farming leads to civilization and the components of every civilization. HW: Fertile Crescent Crossword puzzle. Click here to complete the puzzle online and then print it to turn in for HW. 

    Friday, 9/7. Topic: Mesopotamia. We will finish Lesson 1 with a set of illustrations of the components of civilization. No HW.