• farmer

    Week of 8/27/18

    Monday, 8/27. Topic: Agricultural Revolution. Students will be working through pages 40-43 in the textbook. They will learn the importance of early people learning to farm and how farming and agriculture led to civilization. No HW.

    Tuesday, 8/28. Topic: Agricultural Revolution. Students will be learning how changes in climate led to changes in the way people used plants and animals and how that affected their daily lives. HW: re-read pages 40-41, answer #1a and 1b on page 43. Answers must be written out in complete sentences and include examples and explanations whenever possible. 

    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Basic Map reading. Today students will use map atlases to review the globe, continents, latitude, longitude and basic map reading skills. HW: Re-read pages 42-43 and answer #2a and 2b on page 43. 

    Friday, 8/31. Topic: Review and Quiz. Students will learn how to access their new Google Classroom page and take a short quiz on this week's materials.