Current Event Homework : DUE EVERY FRIDAY

  • PURPOSE: The weekly homework task is designed behind the researched findings of Robert Marzano and Debra Pickering. Both of whom are leading professionals in the field of education research. They argue that implementing homework policies that are driven toward making student learning gains are within the realm of best practices. Based upon their research they suggest assigning homework that is “elaborating on information addressed in class; and giving students opportunities to explore topics that interest them.” (Marzano & Pickering, 2007). It is through this purpose that this homework has been assigned. The intent is to challenge the student to extend their knowledge from the classroom into the real world through their own unique interest, and see Civics through a perspective of their own.

    Marzano, R., & Pickering, D. (2007, March). The Case for and Against Homework. Educational Leadership, 64(6), 74-79.

  • Directions: Find a current event that is interesting to you. Complete these questions about the event on a separate sheet of notebook paper. The current event can be any form of media (TV, radio, podcast, newspaper, online article, magazine.) The article must have been published within the last month (4 weeks).

    1. Type of Story: International      National (U.S.)        State (FL)         Local (Ocala/Marion County)
    2. Who is the article about? (group of people, organization, one person)
    3. When did the event in the article take place?
    4. Where did this event happen?
    5. What is the source of information for this event?
    6. In your own words, write an accurate summary of the article.
    7. How do you think this issue impacts your community? Our country? The World?
    8. What do you think the future significance of this event will be?