• 6th Grade Cambridge Syllabus

    Ms. Eva Pollinger

    Email: Eva.Pollinger-Middleton@marion.k12.fl.us

    Telephone: 352-671-6035 Ext 56267

    Remind Application: Text @Cambridge Code NMMS6Camb to 81010


    Language Arts Objective

    In sixth grade ELA, students will be challenged to improve skills in reading, composition, oral communication, and logical argument.  The grammatical, mechanical, and syntactical skills of language are taught within the meaningful context of the writing process.  Extensive in and out of class reading, class discussions, and a variety of writing experiences will be required.


    Make-up Work Procedures

    If you are absent, you will have the number of days absent to make up work. There is a bulletin board dedicated to informing students about the work they missed while they were gone and in front of the bulletin board is a hanging file folder containing the work we did each day that week. Students are solely responsible for checking the bulletin board, collecting, completing, and returning their make-up work.


    Required Daily Materials

    Two plain black composition notebooks

    Personal ear buds

    Pencils with erasers

    Blue or black ink pens

    Handheld sharpener

    Red, green, or purple colored pen  


    Classroom Rules

    1)          Begin class prepared and on time.

    2)           Raise your hand if you have something to say and only leave your desk with express permission.

    3)           Keep your hands, feet, and belongings to yourself and at your desk.

    4)           When talking is allowed, be on topic and be polite.

    5.)          Keep your area clean and return all borrowed materials to their proper places in the same condition you received them.


    Discipline Plan

    If a student breaks a rule stated above, the following consequences will occur:

    1)           Verbal warning/redirection

    2)           Time Out, infraction, parent phone call 

    3)           Time Out in another class, infraction, parent call

    4)           Time Out in another class, infraction, parent call

    5)           Dean Referral


    Grade Category

    Homework  5%

    Class Work, Quizzes 50%

    Tests, Projects, and Presentations  45%


    Grading Scale

    A           =             90-100

    B           =             80-89

    C           =             70-79

    D           =             60-69

    F            =         59 and below



    -          Homework will be assigned the first day of the week. Homework will help reinforce skills we are working on in class.

    -          Class work – will be completed in their interactive notebook and will be submitted when requested by teacher. 

    -          Late work is not accepted in accordance with the Cambridge Honor Code.

    -          Projects are creative extensions from literature and writing assignments that will include performances, essays, and projects.

     -         Quizzes will generally assess mastery of essential skills taught during the unit.

    -          Tests will assess reading comprehension, writing fluency, as well as grammar progress.