English I Through ESOL Online Class Procedures 

     1. Grade categories remain the same:  


    You will obtain this grade by reporting to me daily via  email no later than 9:30 am. Coordinate a day of the week and time I can call you  weekly. Send me your response through email. 

    Parent contact availability for instructional issues or concerns your parents may have. They can email me  too as they need to. 


    You obtain this grade by completing your Collections textbook reading selections and reading   

     activities within the due dates. Write your responses in a word document and send it to my email.   


    You obtain this grade by submitting your completed Story Analysis Sheet in a Word document and sending it to me via email. 

    2. Follow the Online Instructional Schedule 

    3. Communication, discipline, responsibility and punctuality in following the Online Instructional Schedule is vital for your success in  

        this course. Do not hesitate to contact email me with any concern. Let’s keep in touch. We will get through this together. 


    2020 Online English I through ESOL Instructional Schedule

    April 1st through April 5th 

    E-Textbook Book or Textbook Florida Collections 9th Grade  

    Read the Story: The Leap by Louise Erdrich  (Textbook pages 339 through 346) 


    April 6th through April 12th  

    Complete Analyzing the Text 1 through 7 on page 348  


    April 13th through April 19th  

    Complete the section Critical Vocabulary 1 through 3 on page 349 

    Read the section Vocabulary Strategy: Prefixes on page 349  

    Complete the activity Practice and Apply 1 through 3 on page 349 


    April 20th through April 26th 

    Complete the The Story Analysis Sheet  - The Leap by Louise Erdrich 

    The Story Analysis Sheet  - The Leap by Louise Erdrich 

    Instructions: Read the story carefully again. Then, complete The Story Analysis Sheet


    Rising Action – Is the conflict internal external or both?


    Falling Action 


    What tone does the story have at the beginning? What tone does the story have at the end? Support your response with the text. 

    What mood does the story have at the beginning? What mood does the story  have at the end of the story? Support your response with the text. 

    What is the theme of the story? Support your response with the text.

    Select a character. Tell me what type of characterhe or she may be (dynamic, static…). Support your response with the text. 

    Are there any flashbacks or foreshadowing moments in the story? If there are any explain each one in detail by supporting your response with the text. 

    Identify two literary devices. Name each literary device. Support your response with the text.