• Course Objectives:

    8th grade Social Studies provides an introduction to the study of American History and Government. Throughout this program the student will learn about exploration and settlement, colonial history, the Revolutionary War and Independence, and the Civil War through Reconstruction.  Included in this curriculum is the study and analysis of America’s Government and its establishment.  Over the course of the year, students will be expected to develop and explain their own interpretations regarding a host of major issues in the study of history and government in the United States.


    General Topics:

    The English Colonies

    The American Revoluation

    Forming A Government

    Launching The Nation

    War, Expansion & National Identidy

    The West

    The North

    The South

    Slavery in the US

    Reform Movements

    A Divided Nation

    The Civil War






    Required Materials:

    duotang folder - will stay in the classroom

    Highlighters - whatever kind you prefer

    ALWAYS have something to write with and paper!



    Classroom Procedures and Expectations:

    * Classroom Participation is extremely important and a major key success in this course.  To participate you must attend class having prepared the materials for the day.  Questions and comments must be relevant and respectful.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Classroom discussion is meant to allow us to hear a variety of viewpoints.  This can only happen if we respect each other and our differences.

    * You are expected to be on time.

    * Raise your hand to be recognized.

    * When I am teaching you will not be allowed to leave the classroom, unless there is an emergency. 

    * COPYING IS CHEATING!  Students may work together to complete most homework and classwork assignments, however copying another's answers is not permissible. 

    * Above all, follow the COLT CREED.


    Grading Scale and Skyward:

    The grading scale is established by the Marion County Public School System.  Grades are not the most important part of this course, but I realize that you will have questions occasionally.  You can always talk to me about your grades, but not while I am teaching, or we can schedule a time to meet.  You and your parents have access to SKYWARD.  You can log on to your student portal and access your grades, just like they can through the parental portal.  Parents are encouraged to email me with their questions and/or concerns.

    A= 90 to 100

    B= 80 to 89

    C= 70 to 79

    D= 60 to 69

    F= 59 and below


    Classwork & Quizzes 50%

    Tests & Projects 45%

    Homework 5%