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    english 4

    Course Description

    This is it.  This is the culmination of all your years learning to read, write, and speak.  

    What are the skills you've learned so far that will help you get into college, or land that perfect job, or raise your military rank?  What do you have left to learn?  How can learning to communicate more clearly and effectively give you an edge in any situation?

    These are the questions we will answer in my 2018-2019 English IV course.  English class isn't a punishment or a hurdle to cross, it is an opportunity to better yourself in ways that maybe aren't apparent now, but that you will look back on and appreciate after you graduate and get into this "real world" all the adults in your life keep talking about.  

    Communication is the key to success, and together we will make sure that your communication - whether it is through reading, writing, or speaking - is on point.