• English 3

    This course is an exploration of early and modern American Literature. Studying a range of diverse and uniquely American perspectives, this course blends history, civics, and literary analysis.



    Unit 1: Coming to America

                 Native American Origin Myths

    "The World on the Turtle's Back"

    "The Grizzlies Who Walked Upright"

    "Navajo Origin Story"

                "Discovering America"


         Pilgrams and Puritans

             "The Crucible"

    Unit 2: Building a Democracy

                    "The Declaration of Independence"

                    "The Constitution"

                    "Federalist 10"


    Unit 3: The Individual and Society


    James Lowell, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


            Walt Whitman


             Edgar Allan Poe



    Grade distribution will be based on four categories:

    Comprehension 45%

    • Independent Readings
    • Reading Comprehension Activities
    • District Mandated Assignments and Assessments

    Writing 45% 

    • Independent Reading Essays
    • District Mandated Assignments and Assessments 
    • Class Writing Assignments

    Homework 10% 

    • Vocabulary Assignments and Quizzes
    • Grammar Assignments and Quizzes


    Averages are based on Marion County Public School's Grading Scale: 





    F=59% and below


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