DATE                                 Daily Activity

     8/13 Mon

     Card game on order of operations for team building

     8/14 Tue

     Hand out workbooks, Go over syllabus for the course, and go over code of conduct slides.

     8/15 Wed

     Dry erase board practice with fractions.  Talked about perfect squares and perfect cubes.  Assigned 5 practice problems on computations with fractions for homework.  Due Friday

     8/17 Friday

     Go over 5 fraction problems from last class.  Start One variable equations note packet.

    Get through panels 1-6, check for on monday.

     8/20 Mon

     Warm up on solving one variable equations.  Checked for the first 6 panels of the notes that we finished Friday.  Finished the note packet on equations.  Will go over answers tomorrow.

     8/21 Tues

     Warm up on solving equations.  Went over all the answers for the One variable equations note packet, then collected the packet.

    8/22 Wed

    Getting pictures taken in the gym today.  Start Solving Iequalities Note packet today.  Get through 1-4.

     8/24 Friday

     Finish the rest of the Inequalities note packet, including compound inequalities.

    Assign Alg. 2 textbook pg. 38,39 #36-43 and 45-50

    I will be checking for both the packet and the textbook page to be done on Monday.

     8/27 Mon Warm up practicing solving inequalities.   Checked for completion on the inequalities note packet and the textbk pg. 38 from last class.  Handed out the Interval Notation notes that went with the inequalities notes.   Will go over all the answers tomorrow.
     8/28 Tues  Go over answers for inequalities packet.  Take QUIZ on Solving linear equations and Inequalities.
     8/29 Wed  Finish the quiz from last class.  A lot were absent for this yesterday, so this took all period.
     8/31 Friday  Go over results of the quiz last class.  Start Absolute Value Equations note packet. Get through panels (1-6)
     9/4 Tues

     Warm up:  Absolute value equations.

    Finish the notes on Absolute value equations.  Due tomorrow.

     9/5 Wed

     Warm up: Extraneous sol on Absolute value equations

    Go over answers for the Absolute Value Equations note packet.

     9/7 Friday

     Start and Finish the Note packet on Absolute Value Inequalities.

    Play a bingo game practicing Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

     9/10 Mon

     Warm up:  Absolute value Equations and Inequalities

    Go over all the answers to the Note packet on Absolute Value Inequalities

    Start QUIZ on Absolute value Equations and Inequalities, will finish tomorrow

     9/11 Tues  Finish the quiz.
     9/12 Wed  Start and Finish Function or Not Note packet.  Will go over quiz results next class.
     9/14 Friday  Go over quiz results.  Let them correct 2 of their worst problems on the quiz.  Go over answers for the Functions note packet.
     9/17 Mon  Start note packet on Function Notation.
    9/18 Tues Continue note packet on Function Notation.
     9/19 Wed

     Wup: Function notation

    Finish Function notation packet.

     9/20 Friday

     Wup: Function notation, finding the missing domain

    Start Operations on Functions note packet 

    Get through adding, subtracting, multiply functions