DATE                               Daily activity

     8/13 Mon

     Card game practicing integers for team building

     8/14 Tues

     Hand out workbooks, Go over the syllabus for the course, and go over code of conduct slides.

     8/15 Wed

     Dry erase board activity practicing fractions.  Talked about perfect squares and perfect cubes.  Assigned 5 practice problems on computations with fractions for homework due tomorrow for 1,3,and 5, due Friday for 4th pd.

     8/16,8/17 Thur, Friday

     Went over answers to 5 fraction problems from yesterday.  Started Rational and Irrational note packet got through panels 1-6.  Checking for these panels on Monday.

     8/20 Mon

     Warm up on computations with fractions.  I checked for the first 6 panels of the notes on Rational Numbers note packet.  Finished up the last 2 panels of the notes.  Will check for these tomorrow, and go over answers for the note packet.

     8/21 Tues

     Warm up with fraction practice.  Went over all the answers for the Rational numbers note packet.  Collected the note packet.


     8/22 Wed

     Getting pictures done in the gym today.  Hand out Algebraic Expressions Note packet.  Get through panels 1-2.


    8/23,24 Thur,Friday

     CSMA from the county.  (Pre-test)


    8/27 Mon

     Finished the Expressions note packet.  Warned about a quiz tomorrow covering the Rational and Irrational note packet and the expressions note packet.  


    8/28 Tues

     Go over answers for Expressions packet.  Take quiz on Rational, Irrational numbers, and expressions.  They can use notes on the quiz.


    8/29 Wed

     Start Properties of real numbers note packet.  Get through panels 1-3.  Do Dry erase board practice with the properties.

     8/30,31 Thur,Friday


    Give back quizzes.  Go over results.  Take the IREADY assessment.  Most students need more time to finish. 

     9/4 Tues


    Continue Iready testing. 

     9/5 Wed


     Warm up properties of real numbers, go over panel 3 of the note packet from last wednesday.

    Cover panels 4,5 of the properties and combining like terms note packet.

     9/6,7 Thurs,Friday


    Cover panels 6-7 of the properties and combining like terms note packet.

    Dry erase board practice with distributive property and multiple grouping symbols. 

     9/10 Mon


    Warm up: combining like terms

    Continue with the properties note packet covering all but the last panel.

     9/11 Tues  Finish the note packet on Combining like terms, covering Area, Perimeter with like terms.
     9/12 Wed

     Warm up:  Sum of perimeters, Area of rectangles

    Go over all answers from last note packet.  

     9/13 Thurs/Friday


     QUIZ Properties and Combining like terms.

    Start Note packet on Polynomials and Exponent rules.  Get through panels 1-2.

    9/17 Mon Go over quiz results.  Continue note packet on polynomials panel 3.
     9/18 Tues

     Warm up: Naming polynomials

    Continue covering panels 5-6 of polynomials note packet

     9/19 Wed  Continue panels 7-8 of polynomials packet
     9/20,21 Thurs, Friday

     Wup: Area with polynomials

    BINGO game with polynomials