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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

  • There will be a test this Wed & Thur, Oct 3rd and 4th, on midpoint and distance on a coordinate plane. You will get a study guide today and will have a chance to work on it and ask questions in class Monday and Tuesday. Answer key will be shared in class and will be posted in my Google Classroom tonight. This is a good opportunity to bring up your grade and master the skills you have been learning in class. 

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  • 1. Classwork from Friday, Sep 14th pages 19&20 (late submission) - I won't accept after today (Sep 18th)
    2. Classwork from yesterday, Tuesday, Sep 17th - Angle Pairs worksheet (due today, Sep 18th)
    3. Today's worksheet, Wed, Sep 18th , due by the end of Wed & Thur block sessions.

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  • Open Note Bellwork Quiz - Next week: Wednesday and Thursday, Sep 19th & 20th. Make sure your notes are complete and organized. Don't miss out this opportunity to get a high grade on an open note quiz. If you missed any school days, all bell work questions are posted on my classroom door. Copy them down and study!

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  • All grades are up to date. Please check Skyward to see if you are missing any work. The last day to turn in all missing work to earn partial credit is tomorrow - Tuesday, Sep 11th. No late work will be accepted after this date. Again there is a test tomorrow on Sep 11th that will be part of your grade for the Progress Report. Review the material!

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  • Sep 10th - We did a classwork today from the workbook - Standardized Test Prep 1.2 & 1.3, in class to get ready for the test tomorrow. 

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  • All grades have been posted. Please check Skyward parent/student account on a regular basis for updated grades and upcoming assignments, tests, and quizzes.

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  • Wednesday, 9/5 & Thursday, 9/6 - Classwork Geometry Terms was due by the end of class - Also handed out homework which is due by Monday, 9/10

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  • Classwork for Tuesday-9/4: We started working on Unit 1.2. Basic Geometric Terms

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  • Students took the Algebra Review Quiz today (Friday, 8/31). Those who missed the quiz will need to take the make-up the day they return to school per procedures. Make sure you continue to study for the quiz while you are away using the review packet 2 and the answer key I have shared earlier in my Google Classroom.

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  • Algebra Review Quiz - Friday, 8/24

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  • Algebra Review Packet 1 is due tomorrow, Friday, 8/24. Students will receive the second packet, Algebra Review Packet 2, tomorrow also. The new packet will be due next week, Wednesday or Thursday on 8/29 or 8/30 on block schedule days. There will be a multiple choice Algebra Review Quiz on Friday, 8/31. 

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  • I shared the Algebra Review Packet 1 Answer Key as a pdf in my Google Class. Please log-in and download to your computer to check your work to get feedback. Get help in class if there is any question you couldn't get right. 

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  • Parents! I'd like to collect parent emails. Please fill out this form and submit. Thanks. 

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  • All students are taking the District's Geometry Pre-test from Wednesday to Friday, 8/15-8/17.

    We will start the cumulative Algebra Review week next week; the week of 8/20. Please do not miss out these crucial reviews. 

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