• Welcome to AP Calculus AB

    AP EXAM DATE: Tues, May 4th, 2021, 8AM

    I'm so excited to learn with you this year! Here you can see all the great tech we will use to make this year engaging, 21st century, and fresh!


    Calculus is in my mind the study of behavior. The goal of calculus in a way is to explore the impossible, to pause time and observe behaviors of objects at any instant. This is a highly theoretical course and it is the backbone of many lucrative industries today. You'll see every function you've ever studied in brand new ways, apply geometric concepts to do highly advanced calculations, and learn to deeply analyze graphs using technology. This course is not for the faint of heart. You will have to challenge and commit yourself to a lot of independent study, but if you do you'll reap great rewards and I think highly enjoy the course! 



    Google Classroom

    Google Classroom will be our learning management system. Through this platform you will be able to complete assignments, see past notes, and more. 

    You can find google classroom by logging into your marion portal and clicking "Google Apps" on the bottom of the page, and click the icon circled below. 


    3rd Period: vnxsofb or invite link



    Khan Academy: 

    Khanacademy.org will serve as your primary classwork and homework source. It's rich with videos, guides, individual practice, and even SAT prep all for FREE! :) 

    3rd Period: ZDB8HW76




    Remind is a texting service you can use to quickly contact me if you prefer to communicate on a mobile device rather than email. 

    Download the app for more functionality or text @WPHCalc to 81010