• Welcome to AP Statistics! 


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    Khan Academy: This website will serve as your primary classwork and homework source. 

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    The class code for any period of AP Statistics is: @WPHStat


    FOR ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT WE DID TODAYplease see the quarter page. You can download or view the notes or homework assignment for the day in case you miss a day, or need a reminder of what we did.



    Unit Based Grading

    We will be using unit based grading in this course, here's what that means:

    For each unit, there will be a percent assigned based on the amount of time we spend on the unit during the quarter. Within that percentage of time, you will receive a breakdown of grades for homework, quizzes, classwork, tests, etc. These percentages are NOT final and can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the students, however only minor deviations will occur.


    • Within each unit, assignments will have different point values (i.e. weighted differently)
      • Tests-100 points
      • Quizzes-50 points
      • CW- 10 points
      • HW- 2 points