Hi Guys,


    I have missed you, and I hope you all are well. Let's take a deep breath! This is new for all of us, and we will all get better at this as we get used to it. Please let me know how you are doing. 

    If you have questions, you may contact me through Class Dojo or my school email - margaret.smith@marion.k12.fl.us between the hours of 7:40 am - 2:05 pm

    I will get back to you as quickly as I can.  

    On this site, you will find instructions and links for: 

    • Social Studies
    • Math
    • Reading 
    • Science

    Note to Parents:

    Your student does not need to focus on school work from 7:40 am to 2:05 pm.

    2 to 3 hours per day is a good goal as long as they are focusing. Older children can and should help younger students. It's good for both students. 


    Stay safe and let's continue learning!

    Mrs. Smith





  • Social Studies:

    Florida Map


    The first week we will start with week 30 -  Florida Landmarks. Follow the videos and activities on the Marion County Social Studies Weekly website and follow the instructions by day:

    Monday - Video - Write 3 things you have learned and would like to know more about. 

    Tuesday - Activity - The Great Florida Roadtrip Begins and Florida Landmarks.

    Wednesday - Activity -  Read a Postcard from Paradise.

    Thursday - Activity - Complete Think and Review.

    Friday - Activity - Complete 'Let's Write'  - I can't wait to see which landmark is your favorite 


    Don't forget to watch all the videos 

  • Math:

    Khan Academy


    We will be using the Kahn Academy website and I-Ready math. 

    For Kahn:

    Our class code is EWPCGKEP

    I have entered your names, when you visit the site you can find your name and use your Marion County password. 

    Activities have been assigned to you on the website - we will continue to work on data. 

    The videos on Kahn are excellent. 

    This website will bump you up in levels as you show proficiency.


    For I-Ready Math:

    Remember I want to see passed lessons - not just minutes

    When you have passed 3 lessons you may logon to Prodigy.





    Visit: Read Works Website

    Enter Class Code:7GMFVR

    Enter the default password: 1234

    You have the option to change to your Marion county password when you login


    Everyday - Read 1 new article per day - each day you should read a different article. For each article you've selected - follow the daily instructions:

    Monday - write 3 important facts about the article.

    Tuesday - write what you would like to investigate more.

    Wednesday - write about something that wowed you.

    Thursday - write 2 questions for your classmates.

    Friday - pick two questions and answer them.

    You may pick any article of the day that I have assigned. Write your assignments on the ReadWorks.org site by clicking on the open book and typing there. I will be able to read your answers.

    Twice a week you will read an article and answer the questions. You may do that on any day you would like. 

    I have also opened the library on ReadWorks - please read 20 minutes a day

  • Science:

    Marion County Public School StudiesWeekly

    Go to the Marion County MCPS Desktop and find the Studies Weekly section.

    Go the Life Science Week 1

    Monday - Read 'A World of Life' - answer the 3 questions

    Tuesday - Read 'Kingdoms of Life' - answer the 3 questions

    Wednesday - Visit the National Zoo webcam - write down 3 observations

    Thursday - Back to Studies WeeklyTry the 'Tree Shake' with your parent's permission. What did you observe?

    Friday - Pick two content videos and compare and contrast them.