• ASD K-3 Modified Curriculum Webpage!


Weekly Schedule

  • Students should complete the following each week:

    • ELA (Reading) - 3 tasks/week
    • Math - 3 tasks/week
    • Science - 1 task/week
    • Social Studies - 1 task/week 
    • TeachTown on computer (45 minutes a week)
    • 15 minutes of reading/day

    Weekly Zoom Sessions

    Monday 9:30 Circle time
    Monday 10:30 ELA Teacher Table

    Wednesday 9:30 Circle Time
    Wednesday 10:30 Math Teacher Table


    Circle Time Meeting ID

    Teacher Table Meeting ID
    *please see class DoJo for last 4 digits of meeting ID. The code is the same every week.

  • Hi Parents! A few announcements for this week:

    • I posted a circle time video this morning. Please DOJO me if you think your kiddo would like to participate in a live zoom session for circle time in the morning; certainly something I can set up!
    • ** Reminder ** Check your DOJO inbox for the link for tomorrow's first zoom session at noon! We will be reading our Preposition book from the folder you picked up.
    • There are 2 teacher table videos posted today. Please do not stress or feel pressure, I would like to see you at least exposing the kiddos to the videos. You can work at your own pace throughout the week.
    • Parents, please take a photo/video of one assignment your kiddo works on this week and send it to me on DOJO by the end of the week for credit. :)
      If you are struggling getting your kiddo to produce work, don't stress! Contact me and we can talk about other options. I am taking participation into account as well- even a picture of your child watching a circle time or teacher table can be counted for a participation grade. Don't stress, work at your own pace and please keep in touch with me for support! You guys rock!
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  • Hi parents and welcome! Please see ClassDoJo for a brief tutorial on navigating my teacher webpage.

    If you do not have access to a printer, there will be packets outside of the school in a bin labeled "GOMEZ" starting tomorrow. (All of the materials are also available on the side tab labeled "Printable Materials" I am just waiting to get the OKAY that my copies are ready and I will send out a message on DOJO when materials are ready to be picked up. If you are picking up printed copies, please make sure you grab 2 units - Hide & Seek and Prepositions. So you will be picking up 2 ziplock bags with materials. They will be outside starting tomorrow through Friday from 8AM to 2PM.

    In the meantime, if you want to play around with it, you will find all of our assignments under the Assignments tab to the left of your screen. When you click within the assignment, you will find directions and video links! I will continue posting videos as the week progresses!

    I want to stress FLEXIBILITY. I know many of you work and have more than 1 child. Please, do not stress about deadlines or grades. These assignments and videos are really just to keep our kiddos in their "groove." 

    You will also see to the left a tab called Morning Show Links. This is a great way to start your days with the kids (and maybe sneak in a cup of coffee =) ) The kids watch these videos everyday while I take attendance and while they take turns using the bathroom so they are all very familiar with them and enjoy the songs.

    Immediately following the morning show, we start circle time. I will try to post at least 1 circle time a week to keep the kids used to our routine. I will be posting one tomorrow (if technology cooperates with me), so be on the lookout. :)

    After circle time we generally start centers, which would be a good time to go to the assignments tab and play one of the videos.

    Okay! Let me know how your next few days go! I will be reaching out to everyone via phone by Friday to touch base! Bear with me, you guys are AWESOME!!

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  • Hi parents and students, welcome to our class webpage! Thank you so much for taking the time to partner with us in learning! I know these changes, along with all the other stressors going on currently, can seem overwhelming but we are here to help you and learn together! We are working dilligently to provide you a user friendly platform so that your child can continue learning together and working hard from home.

    Please check back here for upcoming updates and expectations for our distance learning model. 

    I will be posting the centers that our kiddos are used to working on in class and providing our weekly English Language Arts reader, our weekly math lessons, a science activity and a social studies activity. If you have printing capabilites, you can print materials at home; if not, Ms. Lipira will be printing out weekly packets of work that will be available in front of the school to pick up (using common social distancing protocols).

    Parents, I want to keep this as realistic as possible and don't want to overwhelm you during these stressful times. I know our kiddos thrive off of routine so I am trying to create something that mimics our classroom routine, the best that I can. I know that this will look different for every kiddo and every home, but I am here to support you and help you the best I can via this learning platform.

    As of now, we will continue to use ClassDojo for communication. I will be posting 2 hours of "office hours" daily where you can reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I am going to do my best to post video lessons so that our kiddos can still work alongside me and hopefully engage a little bit. :)

    This is NEW for everyone. Patience and flexibility are what we are focusing on, so please do not stress out! I will send out a dojo when the first materials are available for this new chapter of learning! 

    Thinking of you ALL and missing my babies so dearly. Send them all a big hug from me!

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