Physical Education Through Distance Learning


         Welcome back!! I have missed each and every one of you. With the school closure we are beginning a new fully online way of learning. The first thing is Personal Space. Personal Space is the area around a person where they feel safe. It feels uncomfortable when someone enters another person’s personal space. Because of COVID-19, our personal space is bigger this year and we have to be very respectful of at least 6feet of personal space. This will help everyone stay healthy and safe. So, while we're moving and are enjoying physical education activities, we will all be staying 6 to 12 feet away from our classmates and teachers. The first part of our lesson helps us warm-up our brains and bodies while respecting everyone's personal space. You can do warm-up activities in school or at home.


         All Assignments can be found using your Google classroom code under the Grade level tab on my webpage. They consist of series of activities that can be done with no manipulative equipment to avoid the spread of germs. Additionally, all activities should be done while students adhere to the social distancing practice of staying six feet apart from others. We are focused on the safety of our school and community. Keeping kids on the move and eating nutritious foods is extremely important to heart-heathy habits