• Now that we are switching over to online learning we will be using Google Classroom. In Google Classroom you will find assignments and other information needed for online learning. You will need to join Google Classroom to complete assignments. 


    Assignments will be added on a weekly basis. They will begin on Monday and will be due on Monday. 


    Please follow the directions on how to join Google Classroom. 


    How to sign up for google classroom 

    1. Sign in through your MCPS desktop, just as you would at school. This can be done by going to www.marionschools.net and clickon "MCPS Desktop" at the upper right corner of the webpage. 


    2.Once logged in, find the tab for Google Classroom.


    3.When prompted to sign in to Google Classroom, be sure to enter your full student e-mail address (@marionstudents.net) Your password is the same as your regular school password. 


    4.Click on the + sign in the corner to join our class. 


    5. After joining the class, read the introduction post and answer the check in question. 





If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Please continue to do the following:

    • at least 45 minutes of I-Ready Math Instruction per week
    • at least 45 minutes of I-Ready Reading instruction per week
    • Twenty minutes of Reading (Myon or leveled readers). 
    • Practice sight/tricky words
    • Review letters and letter sounds
    • Practice home address and phone number