• IB Psychology Syllabus 2018-19


    Teacher: Phil Kothmayer


    Room: 4-211 


    Textbook- “Psychology (Developed Specifically for the IB Diploma) by Law, Halkiopoulos and bryan-Zaykov


    Objective: The content of this course is to give you an overview into the field of psychology in preparation for the IB exam in the spring.  We will cover a number of topics in psychology and how they influence our thinking processes and behavior.


    Projected pacing guide of topics to be covered


    Quarter # 1:  

    Unit 1:         Research Methodology


    Unit 2:         Biological Level of Analysis


    Quarter # 2 

    Unit 3:         Sociocultural Level of Analysis


    Unit 4:         Abnormal Level of Analysis


    Quarter #3

    Unit 5:         Abnormal Psychology


    Unit 6:         Developmental Psychology


    Quarter #4

    Unit 7:         Health, Human Relationships and Sport Psychology

    Unit 8:         Reviews and Exam preparation


    Supplies required:   

    You need to come to class everyday prepared to learn and with the supplies which will aid you.  The supplies you need for this class are: a notebook for all of your notes that you will take in class, pens or pencils (on essay tests, I require that you MUST use a pen with black or blue ink), your textbook and most importantly, a good attitude and eagerness to improve upon your abilities. 


    Classroom Behavior Policy

    1. Enter the room without excessive noise and commotion.
    2. Immediately after entering, sit in your assigned seat so that accurate

         attendance can be recorded. 

    1. Your cell phone must be silenced and out of sight unless specifically

         allowed by the teacher

    1. Please try to raise your hand and be recognized before speaking. I truly don’t get upset about this unless it is a disruption to class learning or a habitual tendency to blurt out questions, answers or opinions.
    2. Treat your fellow classmates with respect! Everyone is entitled to their opinions.  Name calling will NOT be tolerated. 


    Grading procedures:   I don’t “give” grades, but simply write down what you have earned. I will try to update the grades every week so that you can see where you stand by accessing the student portal. It may take a while to grade unit tests as the essays are time consuming and will have remarks as to areas of excellence and areas where improvement needs to be shown.  Those tests will be grades within one week of when you took it, but please don’t expect those tests to be graded sooner.


    The grade categories are: 

    Tests and special projects or reports = 60%

    Quizzes & in-class work = 30%

    Homework and participation = 10%


    On unit tests, if you are not satisfied with the grade you earned, you may retake the test before or after school.  The two grades will then be averaged into one score.  Please make arrangements with me if you want to retake the test so that I can prepare and be sure that I will be available and in my room. 


    Unless you have an EXCUSED ABSENCE, any out of class assignment MUST be turned in to me by the due date if you wish to avoid penalties.  For each late day, I will deduct 10% from your score during the first three days.  If it is over three days late, the grade will remain a zero. 



    General information 

    Starting in the third quarter and culminating in the fourth, will be a major component/project that must be completed in which the student will conduct their own psychology experiment. 


    I have taught psychology through the Cambridge program, but since this is my first year teaching IB psychology, I will be attending a training session in December so that I will be fully versed on everything that is needed for your success on the spring exam.   I may need to adjust some things on this syllabus pending the information I learn at that training.


    Please feel free to see me if you have any concerns or questions and I will do what I can to help you-that’s my job!


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