SYLLABUS 2020-2021

    Mr. Rick Haffner




    Boyer, Paul S., et.al.  The Enduring Vision, A History of the American People.  7th Ed.  Boston:  Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2011.



    It is HIGHLY recommended that AP students obtain a review guide for the AP U.S. History exam.  The review guide that is preferred (published by Amsco School Publications, Inc.) can be purchased by going to the following website:  www.perfectionlearning.com.   

    Newman, John J. and John M. Schmalbach.  United States History:  Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination.  New York, NY:  Amsco School Publications, 2018.  Print.



    • This is a U.S. History survey course equivalent to a freshman/sophomore –level college class. It is specifically designed to prepare you for the AP U.S. History exam given by the College Board each May.  When, not if, you pass the AP exam at the level 3 area, you will receive 3 college credit hours of AM2010.  When, not if, you pass the AP exam area at the level 4 or above, you will receive 6 college credit hours of AM2010 and AM2020. 
    • Success in this course requires seriously committed students who are willing to work far above the level required of a high school history class. I expect everyone in this class to be in attendance each day, prepared for class each day, to participate in a constructive and cooperative manner each day, and to shoulder the responsibility for the class work in a mature and diligent way.  This a difficult course with potentially great benefits.



    2 ½ 3- ring binder with loose leaf paper

    Pen and/or pencil

    Dividers for the binder (12)

    Composition notebook



    Homework         10%                        Classwork            30%                        Tests                     60%



    • It is my expectation that you will advise me via e-mail when you are not going to be in class and you will check my website for missing work.
    • It is your responsibility to retrieve, complete, and turn in make-up work as outlined in the county guidelines.



    • You will be taught how to write effective AP essays including periodic document-based essays, DBQs. In class and homework assignments will also help build these important college level writing skills.
    • During first semester, most of the essays will be written on your own time. As the class progresses, future essays will be written in class and will be times as they are on the AP test:  60 minute DBQs and 35 minute long essays.  All of these will be graded on the AP rubric scale.
    • It is your responsibility to produce a legible essay in blue or black ink, which follows the AP guidelines. If you miss a day on which essays are given, you must arrange to make them up within the county make up policies or the essays will be marked late and penalized.



    While the course is not designed as a test preparation class, it will equip you to pass the College Board examination in U.S. History.  The exam will be given Friday, May 11, 2019, at 8am.  The exam consists of:

    Section 1A   55 multiple choice questions, 55 minutes to complete, 40%

    Section 1B   3 short answer questions, 40 minutes to complete, 20%

    Section 2A   1 DBQ question, 60 minutes to complete, value 25%

    Section 2B   1 Long essay question, 40 minutes to complete, 15%

    AP U.S. History is designed to be the equivalent of a two-semester introductory college or university United States History course.



    The copying of someone else’s work and taking credit as your own is strictly prohibited.  This includes, but not limited to copying homework, class work, tests or quizzes from classmates, working together on take home exams or homework assignments, copying articles, pages, quotes, textbook material, or other sources without giving credit to the original source.  I have a zero tolerance policy for cheating.  If plagiarism or cheating is uncovered, you will receive a referral to the guidance office for academic dishonesty.  I will also contact your parents/guardians to set up a meeting.  Folks, it’s tough enough to pass the AP U.S. History exam when you worked your behind off.  Just imagine you didn’t and now you’re sitting at the exam knowing you have absolutely no chance to succeed….just ugh!



    Please check this area routinely as it will be updated frequently.