The AP has announced that changes are being implemented for the 2020 AP US History test.  Key points as of 3/30/20 10:30 am, (1) the exam will be done remotely by you on your personal devices, (2) it will be 45 minutes long and dates have not yet been announced, (3) the exam will only cover material through Period 7 (through WWII).


    Additionally, the AP is currently conducting live lectures at 11:00-11:45 am on YouTube, past and current lectures can be viewed using this link: APUSH Live Lectures/Reviews


    Remember that Khan Academy also has extensive review materials through Khan Academy AP US History.  Most of you have already signed up, if you have not, simply create a free account.  Start with the Great Depression and New Deal activities and work you way through WWII.  


    Updates regarding the revised AP curriculum and testing for the rest of this school year can be found at AP Student Updates, check it regularly, particularly as test dates for AP US History have yet to be announced.


    I have uploaded the entire hardcover AP History book by chapter into the textbook PDF tab, if you don't have the AMSCO book (or want more in depth coverage) please use that resource.



    Stay tuned as more info, including info about our Google Classroom are forthcoming.... 



    Most of all stay safe and keep learning!

    Mr. Haffner