• Assignments for week of May 25-29


    *All assignments now posted in google classroom. Please go there to find the actual worksheets. They are now interactive so students can work on them without needing to print. If you are have trouble accessing google classroom, please let me know through class dojo, email, or call/text. Assignments will be listed here for viewing purposes only.*



    Math Standard: Getting Ready for Grade 3

    Assignment 1:  Think Central  ISE 2.10  Number Patterns (online)

    Order 3-Digit Numbers -Standards Practice P271-P272 (paper packet)

    Assignment 2: Think Central ISE 2.12 Compare Numbers (online)

    Checkpoint for Order Numbers – Standards Practice P273-P274 (paper packet)

    Assignment 3: Think Central ISE 10.6 Practice Telling Time (online)

    Time 1 hour before and 1 hour after- Standards Practice P289- P290 (paper packet)

    Online:  Go to Think Central

    Paper Packets:  Sent an email to your teacher with pictures of your work



    ELA Standard:  LAFS.2.RI.1.1- Ask and answer questions as who, what, where, when, why and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.

    Online:  Go to Google Classroom

    Paper Packets:  Sent an email to your teacher with pictures of your work

    Assignment 1:   Phonics Lesson 26.1 (page 152-153)  and Lesson 26.4 (page 159)

    Assignment 2:  Writing PP19 (page 269) Write a Paragraph

    Assignment 3: Comprehension End of the War (passage and questions)

    Independent Reading:  Read for 20-30 minutes each day.    Send your teacher a list of the books you read.   You can either send a list of what you read each day, or you can send a list one time a week of all the books you read that week.   This is due by Friday each week. 


    Social Studies 

    Social Studies Standard: SS.2.C.2.5 Evaluate the contributions of various African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, veterans, and women.

    Online:  Go to Studies Weekly

    Paper Packets:  Sent an email to your teacher with pictures of your work

    Assignment: Read Weekly #18 “Presidents and Patriots”, answer the questions and take the test.  (Paper packet students:  Read the article and complete the questions on the last page). 



    Science Standard: Unit 10 SC.2.P.10.1  Discuss that people use electricity or other forms of energy to cook their food, cool or warm their homes, and power their cars.  *Grade 2 students focus on ways energy impacts our lives (electrical energy, solar energy, light energy, heat and sound energy)

    Assignment: Create/draw/design a new toy that runs on one of the types of energy.

    EVERYONE will send a picture of your work to your teacher by email for the Science assignment this week.

    Submit pictures of your assignments to your teacher’s email by Sunday, May 31st at the very latest; Friday, May 29th is preferred


    *Turn in assignments through google classroom, think central, STEMscopes, and Studies weekly.*


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