Well, here we finally are! It’s not the close to our 6th Grade year that any of us envisioned, but I cannot be more proud of you!


    From learning how to navigate through 6 classes a day, deal with 145 or so different classmate combinations…time management skills and lots and lots of note taking 😊 And, of course, no one expected to figure out how to do distant learning while isolated at home with limited toilet paper!!!


    It was a pleasure to have you in my class and I hope you feel that some skills were developed that will move with you to 7th Grade. I can’t wait to see you in the courtyard and cafeteria next school year! Please let me know how you’re doing over the summer and share any exciting adventures. Email Michael.rasdall@marion.k12.fl.us or text Google Voice 352-405-1372.




    Chromebook, Textbooks, Library Books, any LMS property returns///Yearbook Pick-Up-Bus Loop///Carline

    • Wednesday, June 3 12:30-2:00 Last Name A-L
    • Thursday, June 4 12:30-2:00 Last Name M-Z

    ***If times do not work, please call LMS to arrange alternative plans. 352-291-7930


    TDAP Immunization Clinic (Required immunization for incoming 7th Graders)-Carline

    • Wednesday, June 3 2:00-4:00


    I will finalize 4th quarter/Semester 2 grades by Tuesday…HOWEVER the district is meeting on June 4 to determine the final “formula” for grades, so it is possible for grades to slightly change during the course of next week. Nothing should be too drastic, but “bubble” grades close to moving up or down, may do just that…move up or down.

    • Final-FINAL Grades will be available to view Monday, June 8-End of Day.


    ~Mr Rasdall





    Thursday, May 28 Final Zoom and Important Dates:

    Good morning! I have emailed the link for our final (optional) 11:00 AM Zoom meeting of the year to all student email accounts. Just a last chance to touch base before tomorrow's assignment deadline.

    If you have Chromebooks, text books, any LMS property OR need to pick up your Yearbook:
    June 3, 12:30-2:00— (A-L)
    June 4, 12:30-2:00---(M-Z)
    If alternate arrangements need to be made, call the main LMS number. 352-291-7930


    ~Mr Rasdall



    Thursday, May 21 NO NEW ASSIGNMENTS:

    Good morning, everyone 😊


    We are coming down to our last week!


    The last day to submit assignments to me is next Friday, May 29!


    There are no new assignments this week and we are not meeting in Zoom today as I have a couple of other school meeting conflicts. We will meet next week at 10:00 and 1:00!!!


    I have been receiving many many assignments the last couple of days, keep it up!!! I will be adding more grades throughout the day. This being said, any assignments not submitted yet between April 8 and May 13 will be adjusted from an * to a 50% F per our school policy.


    After today, if you see a 50% in the grade book, I have not received a screenshot from you for that assignment and you need to get it to me before the end of next week!!!


    ~Mr Rasdall


    Thursday, May 14 New Assignments and Updates:

    Good morning! We are quickly coming to the finish line! These are our final 2 lessons before our ending paper. Only 2 assignments are required! The Chapter 13 Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 Quizzes. Please be sure to continue sending me those screenshots…email, Dojo, or text at 352-405-1372.

    This week, we explore the beginnings of Christianity and the early development of the Church. On my website, I've attached the PowerPoint that compares all of our major world religions that we've been introduced to this year.

    I’ve attached the Screenshots/Directions for this week and the new PowerPoint notes have been emailed as well as posted under assignments on my school web page if you like to do those (optional, not required).

    If you have PE items or other items that you've requested to pick up. If these days/times do not work for you, please call the main school office to arrange other times:

    Pick Up Schedule (Non-Band Items):
    • Pick Up Time is from 8:00am-10:00am in the car line
    • Tuesday, May 19— Students whose Last Name Begins with A-H
    • Wednesday, May 20—Students whose Last Name Begins with I-P
    • Thursday, May 21— Students whose Last Name Begins with Q-Z

    Band Instrument Pickup
    • One day only—Tuesday, May 19th from 8:00am-10:00am
    • Band Instruments will be picked up in the Bus Loop outside the Band Room
    • Ms. Koehn is sending out an email to the students and will be on the Webpage beginning Wednesday

    ~Mr Rasdall



    Thursday, May 7 New Assignments and Updates:

    Hope everyone is doing well and ready for another week of Roman History! These are our final 2 lessons for Rome and this unit. It will be a bit of a heavier reading week, but only 2 assignments are required! The Chapter 12 Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 Quizzes. Please be sure to continue sending me those screenshots…email, Dojo, or text at 352-405-1372.

    This week, we explore the innovations and advances of the Roman Empire…architecture, science, medicine, the arts! We will also discover how this mighty empire ultimately falls (at least the western half of the empire).

    I’ve attached the Screenshots/Directions for this week and the new PowerPoint notes have been emailed as well as posted under assignments on my school web page if you like to do those (optional, not required).

    Here are some upcoming dates to keep in mind:
    o May 18: Begin student pick-up (drive through grab and go) access to personal items left in school
    o Classroom (if you believe that you left something in my classroom, please let me know by the end of next week, so I can go check.)
    o PE locker rooms
    o Medicines
    o June 1: Last student instructional day
    o June 3: Begin collection of:
    o Chromebooks
    o Textbooks
    o Library books
    o By grade level/specific place/storage/sanitizing
    o A detailed schedule is being developed now and will be distributed as soon as complete)
    o June 8: Last day for teachers
    o Virtual Summer School June 15-July 8


    ~Mr Rasdall



    Thursday, April 30 New Assignments:

    Good morning!


    Unfortunately, there will be no Zoom meetings today, April 30. Since Progress Reports are due this afternoon I will be focusing on finishing up grading your work and finalizing those grades. They will be ready to view tomorrow. If you look today, remember that they are a work still in progress and most likely will change throughout the day as I add items.


    If you’re missing any items, try to get at least 1 or 2 assignments emailed to me today! Emailing screenshots is the quickest/easiest for me to get to. I sent


    Lesson 2 Quiz from April 22, I am still working through some tech issues with tracking down your scores. If you go back to that quiz, you should be able to click on it and your score still be posted…if you could please take a screenshot and send it to me, I would appreciate it!


    I look forward to resuming our meetings next week on Thursday, May 7th at 10:00am and 1:00pm.


    New assignments with screenshots/directions are attached in the Assignments Tab. Only 2 new items, a True/False Review and Quiz for Chapter 11 Lesson 4.


    Keep working hard and let me know how I can help you be successful this week 😊

    ~Mr Rasdall


    Tuesday, April 28 update:


    Good morning!


    I just got out of our weekly LMS staff meeting and have a few important updates!

    Firstly, I hope that you and yours are still healthy and safe! I hear barber shops may be opening this Friday…so there’s that!!! I know my son is in bad need 😊


    Okay, so Progress Reports will be available this Friday. The huge majority of students are rocking it out!!! However, there are still some gaps here and there…While due dates are flexible and I am not giving penalties for late work, there still must be a grade entered for assignments! On Wednesday, I will be entering 50% F grades on any assignments not turned in prior to the ones due this week on the 29th. Students may still turn these in when they can, but something has to be entered in the grade book. So, all work from April 8-22 will have either your grade earned or a 50%, basically, if you see a 50%, it is missing!


    I sent an email on either the 16th or 17th with instructions for Chapter 11 Lesson 2 work (week of April 9-15) and another email sent on the 23rd with screenshots/instructions for Lesson 3, due the 29th. To access this, Please login to your student portal. Go to Office 365, your email is in Outlook.


    A couple of final items. Please be sure that you are hitting “REPLY” to any and all emails…NOT “REPLY ALL”. When I send out informational emails, it is going out to around 250 students and parents! Reply all emails are seen by everyone and most of our inboxes are already quite full 😊


    Lastly, we are Zooming every Thursday at 10:00 and 1:00. I send the invites out each Thursday morning with new passwords for safety. If you find that it has a different time, like 7:00am and 10:00am, if you click on the invite, you can change the time zone of the meeting to Eastern Time. In addition, you do not have to click “accept” and if you want to enter the meeting please click the link within the invite rather than the accept button. I’m having quite a few trying to click that to enter and I had 60+ “meeting accepted” responses for each click.


    Keep trying your best and please know that I am really missing all of you! SCHOOL IS NOT CLOSED…JUST THE BUILDING!


    ~Mr. Rasdall



    Thursday, April 23 New Assignments!

    Good morning!

    Attached in my Assignment Page are directions/screenshots for this week. Also, I updated and completed the PowerPoint for Chapter 11 for those of you who like to take down the notes/vocab/etc. That was sent to your student email this morning and is posted under assignments on my website..

    We are in Lesson 3 this week as the Republic of Rome shifts into an Empire. You’re going to see “the fall of the Roman Republic” but remember, it’s just that form of government…not the fall of Rome itself. The Empire still has 500-600 more years of power!!!

    No journal this week. I did not want to burden you with something “daily” for my class.

    You have a review crossword and Quiz for Lesson 3.

    Also, I’ve added the Quiz for Lesson 1 to help increase your LearnSmart grade (from April 8) if you choose to take it.


    ~Mr Rasdall


    Tuesday, April 21 update:

    Hope everyone had a great weekend! We are plugging away at this and I'm receiving more and more work each day :) So proud of students and families as we work our way through these unique times!


    As most of you have probably heard by now, we will remain on distance learning for the remainder of the school year. I am both a little relieved that the uncertainty has been lifted and we know where we need to focus...but also very sad that we will not be together in a "traditional" way for the rest of the school year. As we continue to gain momentum, I am positive that we will get some time through Zoom and just emailing, chatting, etc.


    I waited for today to update, as Tuesdays are our LMS meetings. Here is what we know:

         *June 1 will be the final day of instruction for the school year. This extends by one week (the week we lost after spring break.)

         *Grab n Go meals will continue at LMS through June 1. 10:00-11:00 daily Mon-Fri.

         *April 30 will be progress reports. Everyone will receive a Skyalert from Mrs. Forsyth tomorrow evening with some important details regarding               this.


    It is business as "usual" as we complete the year. We have a handful of Lessons still to cover in World History until we finish the year with a project. Due dates are entered for every assignment, but please remember that we all have unique circumstances and flexibility is the key! All I ask is for some positive momentum and communication. Don't ghost me for a week or more, leaving me to worry about your situation. Let me know what you need and how I can help you and your family be more successful.


    Zoom meeting invites will be emailed out Thursday morning for each the 10:00 and 1:00 session. These are optional and you only need join one meeting if you decide to come. We'll chat and I'll set up the week of new assignments. (We are continuing Wednesday-Wednesday with our meetings on Thursday). You can simply click the link form your student email and the password is listed below that link. Before you join, go to your Zoom settings (in Microsoft Teams) and change your display name to include your real name! I will not allow participants in if I don't recognize the name.


    ~Mr Rasdall


    Friday, April 17 update:

    I have attached screenshots to help access e-textbook assignments under the Assignments tab. They are also posted to Teams as well as Dojo.

    I am working through grading today. By 3:00 I hope to be done and you can check the gradebook. If you see something missing that you think was submitted let me know what assignment, how it was submitted, etc.

    Please be patient. I have assignments turned in via Dojo, Teams, email, text, etc :) Lots of moving parts. I've read 15 or so journals...only about 80 more to go! So very proud of the work everyone is doing!!!

    ~Mr Rasdall


    Thursday, April 16 New Work!

    Looking forward to seeing you all in one of today's Zoom meetings, if you can make it :) I'll be emailing out the link and password in aa little bit to your student email.


    First, I have to say "WOW"!!! So many of you are working your way through assignments and I am especially loving your journal entries! I read and graded maybe 20 or so yesterday and have 40+ in my email and more submitted on Teams. I'll be reading those later today.


    When turning in assignments...for the journal please be sure to only submit once all 5 days are done. They do not need to be turned in daily and should not all be done at once and turned in completed on day 2. For all others, please screenshot and attach to Teams or email to me. Check your gradebooks tomorrow afternoon and make sure I'm not missing something from you. 


    This week:

    Chapter 11 Lesson 2: Rome as a Republic

          -After you read the lesson, on the "R" page you will see 3 icons. The first two are games. One is a 2-column drag and drop and the other is a fill in the blank drag and drop. I will need screenshots of these once completed. (You just hold your left mouse button down and drag it over to the correct spot. Or, if using the touch pad on your Chromebook hold down the bottom left corner and drag it with your other hand.)

          -The third assignment is the self-check quiz. YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO TAKE THIS ONE TIME so be sure to review and be ready. I will get a report once you've completed this.

          -The last assignment is week 2 of your daily journal entries.


    1. Column game

    2. Fill in the Blank game

    3. Quiz

    4. Daily journal entries.


    **If your Learnsmart grade was not what you had hoped...it was entered based on your percent correct NOT being 100% complete. I have learned that you really can't go back in and fix answers without starting them all over again. I will add an extra credit assignment next week to help out that grade :)


    ~Mr Rasdall




    April 13:

    Good morning!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Easter! Our family started a couple of new traditions this year. We chose 5 families with younger kids and "egged" their house...meaning that Michael and Kora hid 10 eggs around their yards on Saturday evening for them to find. Some chose to find them by flashlight Saturday night and others waited until Sunday morning. We so enjoyed watching the videos and seeing pictures and they hunted :) We also decided to decorate cookies and cupcakes this year rather than eggs...since they're in such high demand these days. We finished the day off with some fun in the sun!


    Keep working hard!!! Last week's work, Learnsmart Chapter 11 can be revisited to change the % correct...Your crossword puzzles can also be done as many times as needed. I just need a screenshot emailed or shared in the Microsoft Teams Assignment tab. ANd, your daily journal only needs to be sent/shared after all 5 days are complete...not daily :)


    I'll be grading items over the next couple of days, so you can start checking your portal for those. I miss you all and can't wait to see you on Thursday...those meeting invites have been posted in the calendar of Teams and should've also been sent via student email.


    ~Mr Rasdall

    EasterBag Hunting Decorating Decorating2 Yum Pool


    Update, New Assignments April 9-15:

    Alright Alright!!! A LOT of you are working and in contact, that is awesome!!! We have 2 optional meeting times today, you can join either meeting...they will be the same! Check your student email and Microsoft Teams calendar for the Zoom links and password. 10:00-11:00 and 1:00-2:00!


    I have a Journal assignment posted and a Chapter 11 Lesson 1 Crossword review in my assignments tab...and on Teams. I also posted under "assignments" a PowerPoint for Lesson 1 just like we do in class. You are not required to take notes on it...but it is set up the same if you want to :)


    Look forward to seeing you later today!!!


    ~Mr. Rasdall


    FYI 4-6:
    Added all students to Microsoft Teams. It is a work in progress as I set everything up... sorry if you receive invites/emails, etc to student emails. Please be patient as it is a new platform for me as well.

    I did set up meeting invites for Thursday 10-11 and 1-2. You can actually access Zoom via the Microsoft Teams app...who knew???

    You do not have to come to a meeting, but will get info and help setting up next week's work. Also, if you are attending, you only have to come to 1 of them...will be the same stuff :)

    **If you are receiving an invite with times other than 10:00-11:00 and 1:00-2:00...please check your clock settings on your computer and Zoom...set to Eastern Time (US-Canada)

    Keep working hard!!!


    ~Mr Rasdall


    Class Update Monday, 4/6:


    I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, healthy weekend! 


    So many of you connected and started working last week, wonderful to see! Continue working through your classes this week. Remember, my assignments are due on Wednesdays...but don't stress over that, if you need more time it's no big deal :) A lot of you have completed 100% of the work(average completion time is about 1 hour and 50 minutes total), but remember that you can go to the "Practice" tab as many times as you'd like to make sure your answers are correct. The yellow highlights in the reading tab mean that you have not mastered that material yet. Green highlights mean that you got it correct. 100% complete does not necessarily mean 100% correct.

    There is an attachment in assignments (pdf) that shows screenshots of where to go and how to navigate. 


    In order to help lighten the Zoom meeting load...your subject matters have been assigned a specific day to meet.

    Monday: Math

    Tuesday: ELA

    Wednesday: Science

    Thursday: Social Studies

    Friday: Electives


    This works perfectly for us since new assignments will be posted Thursday mornings! We will meet this Thursday, April 9 at 10:00-11:00 and again 1:00-2:00. These are NOT mandatory!!! If you choose to attend, you need only come for one of the meetings as it will be the same material/information for both. I will post the meeting link Thursday morning along with new assignments. 


    Chromebook pick ups will still occur today and tomorrow only, 8:30-9:30. It is my understanding that you can stop by the school during these times to check one out!

    If you have technical issues with a Chromebook, tech support can be reached at 352-867-2100

    Grab and Go meals are still happening at this point, daily from 10:00-11:00. 


    I will continue to add as I receive more information. I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday! I miss you all very much!!! Email/Dojo are still the best way to contact me at this point...I will respond within an hour between 7:30-2:00, but if you need something message anyways and it will be the first thing I see the next day.


    ~Mr. Rasdall


    Class update 4/1: LOTS of Info!!!


    I hope you all are healthy and safe!!! I miss everyone so much! I know that this new stuff is stressful and crazy...for students, parents, and teachers...we are all trying to figure out how we're juggling kids/computers/school/work/life!


    I promise you, it will all be okay :) You're probably going to be hit with Zoom meeting requests, assignments, calls, texts, emails...but it will all be okay!  Do not feel like everything must be done in one day...it's way better if you set a schedule. Maybe one subject in the morning/another in the afternoon. For the most part, a week will be your goal to complete assignments...if it takes a day or two more, it's all good! Just don't ghost me! Touch base, return messages, ask for help, pop into open meeting times or live lessons that I will start next week!!!


    My website will have all news/assignments, instructions, etc. and my email will be the primary communication between us. I am exploring a couple of different platforms to host classroom sessions. It will most likely be Microsoft Teams since it is a part of your portal Microsoft suite and we will utilize Zoom. You can go to their website and set an account with your marionstudent email. When meeting arise, you will receive a meeting ID from me to join.


    Teacher Page will have info and updates...the Assignments Page will have PDF instructions, screenshots, actual assignments. Some of them will be through LearnSmart in your e-textbook...others will be designed by me.


    This first week, we are sticking with the District assignment, Chapter 11 in Learnsmart. When you complete it, you will have a progress bar in the Table of Contents, it will show green/100%...you can email me a screenshot of this.


    If your parent has not responded to these questions, please either respond via email or Class Dojo as soon as possible. michael.rasdall@marion.k12.fl.us

    1. Do you have internet access at home?

    2. Do you have access to a laptop or desktop computer at home?

    3. Are you okay with your students' instruction/assignments being administered online?

    Please respond as soon as possible so we can set a clear plan for everyone's success in World History!


    Assignments will be posted later this morning!


    ~Mr Rasdall



    Welcome to World History!


    This year, we will study World History from the Paleolithic Era to the fall of the Roman Empire. Students will be exposed to the social, political, religious, intellectual, technological, and economic (SPRITE) events which influenced the development of human kind and civilizations. Students will also explore the relationship between cause and effect in historical events and will have the opportunity to analyze those fundamental ideas and events which occurred during Ancient Historical times.


    The only item needed for class this year will be a single subject spiral notebook WITH 3 hole punches (1 per quarter...4 total for the year). This spiral will fit into the 3-ring binder that Liberty will be providing to all students this year!

    I am looking forward to a great year!



    Mr Rasdall